Black Ops: How to Get the Golden Rod in Call of the Dead

Easily find the Golden Rod for Richthofen in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The main objective of the Call of the Dead easter egg quest in Call of Duty: Black Ops is to find the Golden Rod and give it to Richthofen. Although the reason is unknown, players believe he needs it because it’s the final piece for the Vril Device – the teleporter/time travel device.

It is believed by most that Richthofen brought the Original Character to Call of the Dead just for the Golden Rod, and it is up to us to find it for him.


If you have the Ensemble Cast achievement in all the Easter Eggs i.e. multiplayer, then the player in your lobby playing as Richthofen in Moon will see the Golden Rod at the bottom of their screen.

How to get the Golden Rod in Call of the Dead

Getting the Golden Rod in Call of the Dead requires a lot of time and effort. Since it is part of the main easter egg on the map, it is necessary to complete all the previous steps of the easter egg to get the Rod. These include turning on the power, finding the fuse, disabling the MTD security system, and resurfacing the submarine.

The power can be turned on by interacting with the power switch in the ship’s control room. The MTD security system can be disabled by shooting the orbs with explosives.

Lastly, the submarine can be resurfaced by setting the course of the ship to the 5 o’clock direction and interacting with the levers to call the foghorn.

After the submarine has resurfaced, you will notice a green light at the center of the Lighthouse, running in between the spiral staircase, leading all the way to the top. At this point in the game, there is a high likelihood of finding a V-R11 from the Mystery Box, which is necessary for this step.

After getting your hands on the V-R11, you must shoot a zombie to turn him back into a human. Once that’s done, the human will be attracted to the green light within the lighthouse and levitated to the sky, where he disappears.

Your task will be to kill the human before he reaches the top of the green light. Make sure that you first turn the zombie into a human and then kill him while he’s in the green light.


We recommend that you use the V-R11 on the zombies that are already inside the lighthouse to make killing him in human form easier.

After successfully killing the human before he reaches the top, the Golden Rod will spawn at the base of the green light i.e. at the base of the stairwell. You can then take it and bring it back to the Original Characters in the locked room.

Exhaust all of their dialogues here to complete the easter egg and receive a Wunderwaffe DG-2 and a Lightning Bolt power-up. The Original Characters will then use the Vril Device to teleport to Shangrii-La.

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