Black Ops: Where to Find the Fuse in Call of the Dead

Help locate the Fuse for the original characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

In the earlier steps to completing the easter egg, you will be instructed to find a Fuse in Call of the Dead. The Fuse is important to help the original characters of Call of Duty: Black Ops escape the room they’ve been locked up in.

Though the overall easter egg is tough to complete, this step is a piece of cake. That said, there are several locations where you can find the Fuse – let us tell you where.

Where to find the Fuse in Call of the Dead

Finding the Fuse in Call of the Dead isn’t as simple as most might think. You may have heard that it can be found on the table next to the PHD. Flopper machine. It can, but, that’s not all to it.

As you start the game, the Fuse won’t be at said location. You first have to complete a couple of prerequisites to spawn it on the table. The first is to go to the locked room beneath it and listen to all the dialogues of the Original Characters.

The Original Characters will first instruct you to turn on the lights because it’s too dark for them to see. This will be your first step to completing the Call of the Dead Easter Egg. To turn on the power, you have to interact with the Power Switch located in the control room of the wrecked ship.


You will require a total of 2,750 points to get rid of all the Debris on the way to the control room.

To reach the control room, enter the wrecked ship and head up the stairs on the left. Then, head into the room and work your way up to the top room in a spiral fashion. The top room is the control room, holding the Power Switch.

After turning the power on, head back to the locked room and listen to the Original Characters’ dialogues again. This time, your character will say that it’s going to help them. This will be your cue to start looking for the Fuse.


Keep knifing the door to exhaust all the dialogues.

Since it will actually spawn this time, all you have to do is go to the upper floor and collect it from the table next to the PHD Flopper, just below the clipboard. If it’s still not there, there are two other locations where you can find the Fuse:

  • On another table across the room, next to a bunch of batteries.
  • On the floor next to the cabinet just as you enter the room.

After getting your hands on the Fuse, head back to the locked door and interact with the terminal to its right and your character will put the fuse into it, completing the second step.

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