Black Ops Cold War Update Requires You To Download All 200GB Again

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been hit with a bug which forces players to download the entire game again on their Xbox Series X consoles. That comes down to an installation package weighing more than 200GB and the reason why players are up in arms.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, players shared images to prove that they are either re-downloading Black Ops Cold War once again or have decided to give it a break. The frustration however runs much deeper.

Black Ops Cold War already received a massive update of 17GB just a couple of days ago. Only to be followed by another meaty update today.

The new update has somehow broken the game on Xbox Series X. There is a silver lining to be found in the fact that only some players have been impacted with the aforementioned bug. Hence, there are lucky players who were not met with an infuriating message to download more than 200GB all over again.

It should also be noted that this bug is not new. There is a running joke in the Call of Duty community that every new update arrives with a chance to break the game. Black Ops Cold War, like Modern Warfare and Warzone, receives content updates pretty regularly, which is the main reason why the game stands at over 200GB. However, players have been forced to re-download the entire game again the past as well. Apparently, developer Treyarch has not been able to find a fix.

Yesterday, data miners were able to confirm that Black Ops Cold War will be receiving at least three high-resolution texture packs on PlayStation 5. The multiplayer, zombies, and dead ops arcade modes will all be receiving a fresh coat of shiny paint in the coming days, and which will require players to free up around 30GB of storage space.

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