Black Ops Cold War: All Dark Ops Challenges Guide

Earn a Nuclear medal and more.

Ever wondered what the “classified” things are in the Dark Ops tab in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? These are your Dark Ops challenges, which are presented to every player to test their skills in the different modes of the game.

Completing these Dark Ops challenges grants you Calling Cards and a ton of XP as a reward. That is why most players are very interested in completing these challenges. The problem is that the game doesn’t tell you what you have to do to complete them.

Just doing random things hoping you can get one down isn’t a reliable method. Hence, we have compiled a list of all the Dark Ops Challenges in BO Cold War and given their completion requirements.

All Dark Ops Challenges in Black Ops Cold War

There are a total of 30 different Dark Ops Challenges in Cold War – a few of them in each different mod (Multiplayer, Zombies, and the Campaign). A lot of these challenges will require a lot of effort, with some more than others, but going through the trouble of completing them is worth it, and recommended.

Multiplayer Mode

There are a total of 13 Dark Ops Challenges in the Multiplayer mode.

Dark Ops ChallengesHow to Complete
Relentless KillerEarn 10 Relentless Medals
Brutal KillerEarn a Brutal Medal
Frenzied KillerEarn a Frenzy Medal
Chain KillerPerform a Kill Chain
From the DepthsKill 25 enemies that are standing on land/a vehicle by shooting them from underwater with your primary or secondary weapon
Hard WipeSolo kill a full squad (4 players) in the Fireteam mode
Underwater OpsPlant a C4 on an enemy boat while underwater and detonate it to destroy the boat and kill all the players in it 5 times.
Nuked OutEarn a Nuclear Medal in the Free-for-All mode without the help of Scorestreaks
Back at YouKill the enemy that threw a grenade at you by throwing it back to the player
Very NuclearGet a Nuclear Medal with 25 different weapons, performing each kill with said weapon.
Nuclear KillerEarn a Nuclear Medal
Mega KillGet a Mega Kill Medal
Dark Ops MasterComplete all the Dark Ops Challenges

Zombies Mode

There are a total of 20 different Dark Ops Challenges in the Zombies mode of Black Ops Cold War.

Dark Ops ChallengesHow to Complete
Social DistancingReach round 20 without getting damaged
Good EnoughReach round 20 without any upgrades – only use your initial gear
Harbinger of DoomKill 50 enemies with a single support
InvincibleReach round 30 without going down
Box AddictGet all the weapons from the Mystery Box in a single game
Armed to the TeethHave 2 Fully Upgraded Weapons with Ammo Mods and all 6 Perks in a single game
The AnvilExfil the game using only melee attacks
CheckmatePlay every single trial on the Die Maschine map in a single match
Evile UnleashedComplete the Easter Egg
Another Round?Reach round 100
Pristine PeltWithout dying, defeat the Mamaback in the final round in Dead Ops Arcade
Reaper of the UndeadKill 1,000,000 enemies
King of SilverbacksEar a cumulative high score of 999,999,999 in Dead Ops Arcade
Maxis PotentialBeat the Firebase Z Easter Egg
BreakthroughComplete 10 objectives in Outbreak and Exfil
Revenov ImplicationsComplete the first Outbreak Easter Egg
EntrapmentComplete the second Outbreak Easter Egg
The PactComplete the Super Easter Egg
Tin Man HeartComplete the Maur Der Toten Easter Egg
The Phyrrhic VictoryComplete the Forsaken Easter Egg


There are a total of 6 Dark Ops Challenges in the Story mode/Campaign.

Dark Ops ChallengesHow to Complete
Retro GamerUnlock all Arcade Machines
What do the numbers mean?Decrypt the Floppy Disk in Operation Chaos
DefiantJump off the bridge in Break on Through
Anti-HeroIn Ashes in Ashes, kill the marked enemies via takedowns
Cover Your TracksIn Desperate Measure, stash away 5 bodies as Belikov
Awkward ChantIn the elevator ride during Desperate Measures, answer both the questions correctly
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