How To Get Claymores In Black Ops 1

It’s planting season.

The use of Claymores against the hordes of zombies rushing your way is an effective way to wipe them out completely in Black Ops 1.

The Claymore is quite effective against the beginning rounds of zombies, but what makes it a class apart from others is that it wipes out five to six zombies in one blow.

For the higher rounds, the claymore may not wipe out a single soul but it pushes them away giving you enough time to retract and figure out your next move.

How to get Claymores in Black Ops 1 Zombies

You can get Claymores in all five maps. Here’s how and where.

Kino der Toten

Claymores can be found quite easily in the Nazi-infested map of Kino Der Toten. The throwable’s wall buy is placed right behind the circuit breaker in the main theatre which turns on the power in the map.

Simply approach the wallbuy and spend 1000X points to acquire two Claymore in your inventory and begin planting.  

The best place to plant the claymore in Kino Der Toten is the main stage. You can explode a whole train of zombies by planting five Claymores around the area. This not only will help you wipe out zombies but also save some ammo on the side.


For this Black Ops 1 map, you can purchase Claymores from the Science Labs room with the pig. It is right next to the Panic room where you Pack-a-Punch your weapons. Approach the wallbuy and spend 1000X points to have them in your throwables.


Claymores replenish themselves after every round.

Placing Claymores at the entrance of the Panic room can provide players with some extra choke points as huge groups of zombies will be decimated while you pack-A-Punch your weapons.


In the map Ascension, Claymores are located in the room where the lunar lander is placed next to some barrels on fire. This is also the room where the Dempsey Doll is placed.

The Claymores shine on the map Ascension as the space monkeys will keep on attacking your perk machines. Simply place Claymores on elevated places near perk machines to watch the monkey bodies explode ensuring the safety of your perks.  

Call of the Dead

The Claymores are quite easy to find on Call of the Dead. The wallbuy for the Claymores is placed in the eastern corner of the alt ship right next to where the Double Tap perk machine is placed.

Unlike other maps in Black Ops zombies, we recommend keeping an eye on where you plant the Claymores as you don’t want to get George angry unless you’re ready to take him down.

Ideally, we recommend placing the Claymores in areas where you can have some cover against the higher round zombies such as the entrance to the Lighthouse or near the shore. The zombies damaged by claymore at the shore will freeze to death before they get a chance to rush you.


Travel to the Biodome on the map Moon to locate the Claymores on the wall next to the mystery box spawn.

The use of Claymores against the teleporting pests will surely make your lives much easier. Place the explosive near a teleporter before teleporting to watch those annoying pests get blown into pieces. If you plan on setting a new record on Moon, try to use the Claymores for an offensive play.


Although Claymores don’t have much of a say on Tranzit, they can surely come in handy while trying to locate the navigation Table in the fields.

To locate the Claymores in Tranzit, head on over to the farm area where one of the buildable parts is available for the Wind Turbine. The wallbuy for the Claymore will be inside the garage.

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