Black Ops 4 Zombies: Voyage Of Despair Easter Egg Guide

Find out what hides in the depths of Titanic.

Voyage of Despair is a Zombies map in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, based on the RMS Titanic ship and like the majority of the Zombies maps, comes with its own Easter Egg for you to solve.

The Easter Egg goes by the name of “Abandon Ship” and you will be rewarded with it for completing the trial. The Easter Egg is fairly long but we have tried to simplify it by breaking it down into simple steps that you can follow.

This is one of the lengthiest and hardest easter eggs to solve in all of Black Ops Zombies and we do not recommend you to try it solo. It is best attempted with 2 or 3 players since the final boss fight can be incredibly hard.

Step #1: Collect the Sentinel Artifact

The first step that you need to do is to collect the Sentinel Artifact. In order to do that, you need to search the rooms beside the spawn. The Artifact is not that hard to find and should be somewhere on the floor in those rooms.

There should be a prompt to collect part when it is near you, so stay vigilant.

Step #2: Activate the Artifact

Having obtained the Sentinel Artifact, you need to activate it. Go through the inner rooms onto the first floor so that you can get to the top of the ship. Once there, make your way to the end of the ship where you can find the Poop Deck. There should be a glowing blue item on top of the stairs towards the end of the ship. Four red balls will fly into the air and then spread themselves onto the different parts of the ship.

Step #3: Activate the Pack-a-Punch

Hunt down and interact with all four of the glowing red balls. You can find the first orb in front of the Sentinel Artifact. It will be on the Poop Deck.

For the next orb head into the Turbine Room. Find the new path leading downstairs from the Poop Deck. This path is unlocked from the Sentinel Artifact. Follow this path downstairs and you will find the pedestal underwater, in the Turbine Room. Reach this pedestal and interact with it to activate it.

The third orb is in the Lower Grand Staircase area. When you reach the Grand Staircase, follow the stairs downstairs. Just follow the stairs until you reach the lowest floor you can go. The pedestal will be in front of you.

The final orb is in the area of the Cargo Hold. Follow the red marker on the map until you reach a room that is filled with water. You will find a switch right near the entrance to remove the water in the room. Press it and wait until the water is gone. Proceed into the room and in front of you will be the final pedestal. Reach this pedestal and interact with it to activate it.

After you activate all 4 pedestals of the Pack-a-Punch machine, the machine will appear in front of you, replacing the final pedestal you interacted with. This whole process can take some time as you will need to acquire enough points to unlock certain areas in the Voyage of Despair map but you need to bear with it for the sake of solving the easter egg.

Step #4: Find the Clocks

After you activate the Pack-a-Punch machine, a few clocks and alchemy symbols will spawn on the map. Go to clocks scattered in the area and note down the elemental symbols from there. These clocks will have changed their time and the clocks themselves are randomized. You need to note down the time shown on each clock and the symbol near it.

You can find the clocks and symbols in the following locations:

Clock:  Near the door heading towards the Cargo Hold
Symbol: Underneath the stairs leading to the room with the Vapr Wallbuy

Grand Staircase:
Clock: Near the staircase
Symbol: Head up the stairs from the clock followed by another set of stairs to find it

Captains Bridge:
Clock: Above the steering wheel
Symbol: Underneath the desk opposite to the steering wheel

Clock: In the room with a body, in the cabinets
Symbol: On the cabinet in the same room as the clock

3rd Class:
Clock: Near the wooden stairs, on the left wall
Symbol: Near the staircase, right next to the luggage

1st Class Lounge:
Clock: Near the fireplace
Symbol: Left-side of the Mystery Box

Once you have done that, you need to go to Captain’s Wheel on the bridge and take note of the 4 dials. you must align the dials to the minutes of the clocks which have the same element as the one on the dial.

It is important to note that the dials only move left/right in 5-minute intervals while the dials at the Engine Room and Poop Deck change the hour of the dials. Once they are properly aligned, you will not be able to change the dials anymore followed by an audio clue.

Step #5: Acquire and upgrade Kraken

You need to acquire the Wonder Weapon Kraken to complete this easter egg. The Kraken can be acquired from one of the mystery boxes on the map. Simply keep opening the mystery boxes until you receive the Kraken. This is the simplest way to acquire this weapon.

Now for the upgrade, you need to collect the following parts

  • The Tubing – found in the Galley – on the left side of the shelves with the pots and pans.
  • The Barrel – found in the Cargo Hold, underwater, on one of the wooden boxes near the net.
  • The Chamber – found in the 1st Class Lounge, on one of the white tables, near the window and a green plant.
  • Special Part – found by killing an elemental Zombie wandering around the map.

Now take all these parts to the crafting table in the Engine Room and use the crafting table to upgrade the Kraken.

Step 6 – Find the Power Outlets and complete Elemental Trials

There are a total of 6 possible power outlets in Voyage of Despair out of which any 4 can be related to this easter egg. You can determine which one is relevant to the easter egg by checking if it is spewing out any elemental effects. You need to kill an elemental catalyst next to each of the 4 power outlets that have the same elemental effect. The 6 possible outlets are found in

  • Galley
  • 3rd Class Staircase
  • First left State Room
  • On the left pillar of the Zeus Statue
  • Top of the Grand Staircase
  • Near the Aft Decks Window

You must kill an Element Catalyst of the same element as the outlet near the power outlet. Doing so will spawn a ritualistic symbol on the floor.

You need to stand on the ritual symbol and have every player hold the interact button while standing on the symbols together. You will teleport to a trial where you need to kill every enemy before getting the Sentinel Artifact.

 You must do the elemental trials in the following order:

  • Acid > Water > Electric > Fire

Step #7: Shoot the Leaking Pipes

Now head to the Engine Room and shoot each of the leaking blue pipes around the Boiler using Decay Kraken shots. This will flood the room and put out the fire.

Step #8: Pack-a-Punch the Artifact

With the fire being put out you can now interact with the Pack-a-Punch machine in the boiler room and place the true Sentinel Artifact that you got from completing the trials in the machine to Pack-a-Punch it.

Step #9: Shoot the Planets 

Now you must locate and shoot the constellation symbols of the planets on the ship. The location of each planet symbol in Voyage of Despair is given below. You need to memorize all of them for the next step:

  • Mercury ☿ – Can be found in the Mailroom beneath the Forecastle. Head into the room and you will see the symbol right
  • Venus ♀ – Can be found in the Millionaire Suite. Enter the room with the suitcase on the bed and you will find the constellation beneath the desk.
  • Moon ☽︎ – Can be found in the Lower Grand Staircase on one of the white doors.
  • Mars ♂ – Can be found in the Boiler Room. Head towards the furnace and crawl try to crawl beneath it. You will find the constellation.
  • Saturn ⚳ (rotate this upside down) – Can be found on the Bridge in one of the rooms.
  • Jupiter ♃ – Can be found in the Engine Room when climbing up the stairs. When you climb the first set of stairs, you will see a cardboard laid on your current floor. You will find the constellation there.
  • Neptune ♆ – Head for the outer Aft Decks. Look into all the ring-shaped lifebuoys and you will find the constellation in one of the rings.
  • Uranus ♅ – Head into the State Rooms, the one with the yellow basket in front of the door. Enter the room and you will find the constellation symbol behind the pot.
  • Sun ☉ – Can be found in the Forecastle room, on the deck, in the middle. You must face the two steel beams in such a way that you can see the moon directly behind the beams.

Step #10: Interact with the Solar System Model

Head to the Cargo Hold, and look for a Solar System model. Interact with the Solar System model and you will see the heavenly bodies flashing up in a particular order. This is the order in which you need to shoot the planets. The final symbol will always be the Sun ☉.

Do note that once you shoot the first lit-up planetary symbol on the Solar System model, a timer will start. You must enter the assigned room and find the blue orb in that time period. Bring the blue orb before the timer hits 0:00. Repeat this procedure until you are done with all the planets and the Sun.

Step #11: Defeat the final boss

Near the climax of Voyage of Despair Easter Egg, you will have to follow the last blue orb to the spawn. Interacting with it will spawn some blocks of ice in your path and start a timer. 

Now, you must rush to the Poop Deck while destroying the ice blocks on the way. The fastest way is the staircase on the right. Destroying all the ice blocks will spawn a Portal on the Poop Deck near the Sentinel Artifact’s location. Enter the portal and you will be led to the Voyage of Despair boss fight.  There are multiple stages to your fight with the boss.

Stage 1: After being spawned underwater swim to a tree and activate an artifact. This will teleport you to the deck, here shoot at the newly spawned eye until you are teleported again. Fight waves of zombies of all types until another portal opens.

Stage 2: Survive another wave of zombies in the engine room

Stage 3: You will have to fend off more zombies and attack the eye too and this time the eye will also attack you. The eye will only take damage during its beam attack, keep damaging it until you are teleported.

Stage 4: Repeat the same strategy as step 3, this time on the side of the ship.

Stage 5: You do pretty much the same stuff here as well. This time you can only attack the eye while it’s crying and its attacks are instant kills so avoid them at all costs. Once you have dealt enough damage, the final cutscene will play out to complete the Voyage of Despair easter egg in Black Ops 4 Zombies.

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