Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Easter Egg Guide

The first DLC map for Black Ops 4 Zombies is here. Dead of the Night has an elaborative Easter Egg in it and we will be taking you through it in a step-by-step manner in our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Easter Egg Guide.

Black Ops 4 Zombies Dead of the Night Easter Egg

Upon completing the Easter Egg, you will unlock the main EE Trophy/Achievement known as “Trial by Ordeal”. This Trophy/Achievement is unlocked when you defeat the final boss of the map.

The inventory screen will show you Charcoal, Red Gems, and Vampire Poop along with Sulfur. The inventory will change as you move through the map and continue to complete the Easter Egg.

Unlock Pack-a-Punch

Interact with the Artifact on the Grand Staircase and then charge the crystals that can be found in the Master Bedroom, Study, Library, Wine Cellar (2), Bedroom Hallway, and the Trophy Room.

Once you have done that, interact with the charged crystals to see a teleport animation. Now, you need to find the objects.

The objects can be found in the Music Room, Billiards Room, Entrance Hall, Tea Room, Study, and the Wine Cellar.


After this, you will need to do challenges that are randomly generated and are quite self-explanatory. You will unlock the Pack a Punch machine at the end.

Building the Shield

Getting the shield as early as you can is the best possibility. There are a total of 3 parts that you need to find in order to unlock the shield.

The first one (main plate) is found on the East Balcony near the wall buy, Grand Staircase near the balcony and the West Balcony near the wall buy.

The Shield Window is found on the table in the study, on the chair in the library, and on the shelf in the library. The last piece is the Counter Plate that is found on a chair in the East Hallway, and the remaining 2 parts are in the dining room.

Wonder Weapon

The Wonder Weapon in this map is called Alistair’s Folly and is found either when you interact with the Mystery Box or complete a short puzzle. If you go through the puzzle route, you will notice there are a total of 4 symbols near the Perk Machines.

Once you have taken note of all 4 of the locations, head to the library and enter the codes into the machine near the wall weapon version. At the end, you will see a notification and receive the weapon.

Silver Bullets

Next up, you need to collect different parts for the Silver Bullet that you can then use to take down the giant werewolf. There are a total of six parts and they go in 2 different workbenches.

The first workbench is the wine cellar one and you need to find a Silver Trophy (found in Dining Room or on the sofa in the Library), a Silver Plate (found in the Wine Cellar), and a Silver Candle Stick (found in the Billiards Room or the Wine Cellar itself).

The second workbench is in the library and it needs Charcoal (found in the fireplace inside the Main Hall), Vampire Poop (found in the cemetery in a corner right opposite the Mystery Box), and the Yellow Crystal (found in the Greenhouse Laboratory).

Once you have the silver bullets, you can put them into your favorite weapon and kill the giant werewolf when it spawns.

Prima Materia and WW Upgrade

Take the item from the wolf and get to the Greenhouse Laboratory to place it in the machine. This machine will get you Prima Materia.

After that, you should immediately go to the library and melee the book that has the gold symbol on it. This will open up a new room with the part that you need.

Take this part back to the crafting table in the laboratory and craft a sludge to get the upgraded Wonder Weapon called ‘Chaos Theory’.

You can use this weapon to kill the vampires with charged shot. Make sure you collect the bile and use them to spawn a blood-covered vampire called ‘Crimson Nesfaratu’ by interacting with the glowing gravestone.

Kill this vampire to get the ‘Nesfaratu Chaos Material’ that is necessary for the Easter Egg.

Bat Chaos

Next up, you need to get the Bat Chaos Material. This can be done by finding the lanterns that are lit on the Mausoleum stairwell area. Shoot them with your WW so that they are off.

After this, you have 90 seconds to hit the next one. A total of 5 lanterns need to be turned on if you want to complete this part and it might be better if you have other players with you who can easily take out the other lanterns.

Once all 5 of the lanterns have been turned off, a vampire bat will spawn and you need to shoot it with your silver bullets or with your WW so that you get the Bat Chaos Material.

Second Wonder Weapon Upgrade

Now, you can get the second upgrade for your WW. Go to the forest and use your charged shots to kill zombies near the dirt piles that are on the floor (you need to use your WW).

The final part that you need for the upgrade will be dug up by one of the zombies.

Once you have this part, head on over to the Green Laboratory, activate the machine so that you can craft the Prima Materia, and collect it. Once you have it, use the crafting table to get the final upgrade that is known as Alistair’s Annihilator.

Effigy Stone Slab

There are a total of 3 stone slabs that you need to find, and the Effigy Stone Slab is the first one. Shoot the tree branches in the cemetery to get sticks.

After that, find your grave in the cemetery (number 1912) and interact with it. After that, you need to use the Annihilator version of your WW to shoot the ground right ahead of the scarecrow.

Once the ground is on fire, the player who interacted with the gravestone should interact with the scarecrow to enter the afterlife mode.

Now, this player must find the ghost woman and escort her back to the scarecrow so that she catches fire and drops a stone slab onto the floor. Once you interact with this stone slab, you will come back to life.

When other players interact with the stone slab, there is a Cemetery for a defense challenge that you must complete. After the challenge has been completed, you can collect the slab from the spawn area.

Telescope Stone Slab

Shoot the electric pole on the building in the cemetery. Make sure all players shoot at the same time if you are in a party. After that, go to the spawn and interact with the 3 gauges that you see in order to rotate the rings and align the stone.

The light needs to be reflected to the end of the room rather than the wall. At the end, the crystal will break and the laboratory will light up.

In the end, head to the machine in the lab which has a dial along with many different symbols. Interact with the dial and melee the symbol to select it. Find the correct symbols around the map to complete the puzzle.

There are symbols in the Entrance Hall, Billiard Room (2), Library, Trophy Room, Dining Room, Wine Cellar, Study Room, and the Main Hall.

The number of scratches will determine the order of the symbols. Once you have 3 zodiac symbols, enter then in ascending order and use your shield to interact with the dome and open it.

Once the dome is open, bash the handle to keep the ceiling open. Next, activate the trap in the laboratory and capture the electricity in your shield.

Finally, bash the telescope before going downstairs and finding the slab underneath the platform that the telescope is on. Here, you must face another defense challenge.

Knights Stone Slab

Place an energy core in a fire and activate the trap. Next, shoot the sides using your upgraded WW and walk through the blue flames to make your shield burn blue.

Repeat this step for all 4 of the fireplaces and then interact with the Knights chests in the Cemetery, Greenhouse, and the Main Hall. When the statues disintegrate, take the orbs into the forest and put them in their correct place.

Once the orbs are in place, you need to kill 10 zombies per knight to charge them and kill a werewolf using silver bullets to get the stone slab. Next, you need to complete the defense challenge.

Final Boss

The Final Boss has a total of 3 different phases. In the first phase, rotate the 3 statues so that the crystals change from white to green. Then, get the wolf in the green tile and deal as much damage as you can.

This process needs to be repeated until the wolf jumps away. The second phase has no damaging component and you need to survive until the final phase.

In the final phase, you need to do the same thing that you did in the first phase but the tile will not be visible this time. Turn the crystals to make the tile appear and then deal as much damage to the wolf as you can.

Finishing the final phase will bring a cutscene and you will be able to get your Trophy/Achievement.

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