Black Ops 4 Zombies Points, Hellhound Nerf and More Changes Coming

Team at Treyarch has revealed during a recent AMA that first balance changes are coming to Black Ops 4 zombies. New Black Ops 4 update will arrive soon.

Black Ops 4 has finally arrived and it’s one of the best games in the series without any doubt. Black Ops 4 zombies is a big part of the game and despite having a great launch, Treyarch is still focusing on improving the game and it includes making changes to Black Ops 4 zombies mode.

Zombie mode will receive balance changes in a new update which is expected to release this weekend. During a recent AMA by Treyarch, Jason Blundell talked about some incoming balance changes. These changes are coming soon to Black Ops 4 according to him.

Some of the prominent changes are as follows.

  • Points Earned by killing Zombies in all maps to be buffed
  • Hellhounds on Blood of the Dead to be nerfed
  • Tigers on IX to be nerfed

The team is constantly looking at the game and these changes are a result of the monitored data. Obviously, that’s not all of it, we will have to wait for the patch notes to see all of the changes coming in Black Ops 4 zombies.

Expect this new Black Ops 4 zombies update to drop on October 13 or October 14. We will share the patch notes in detail so do checkout again for updates.

Now other than zombies, Black Ops 4 is a great attempt by Treyarch to revive the multiplayer scene of Call Of Duty games. Multiplayer mode of the game is full of different options to choose from. There are a lot of weapons available in the game including the all-new perk system.

Also, Black Ops 4 does have a split-screen mode to allow you to play with your friends sitting at home. You can play with your favorite specialists and play it on your favorite old maps including Firing Range, Summit and more.

According to Metro UK, you don’t need to have a story campaign when you are having this much fun. That’s so true about Black Ops 4 as you can choose to play from three different modes with your friends.

Blackout mode is definitely fun and it’s a game changer. It consists of the biggest map ever combining your favorite Call of Duty maps from the series.

If you haven’t already then you should definitely give this COD a try as it’s now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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