Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Alpha Omega Easter Egg Steps Guide

In our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Alpha Omega Easter Egg Guide, we have detailed all the steps that you need to complete for the Easter Egg.

We edge ever so closer to the conclusion of the saga and storyline to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode and with it the characters we’ve come to love. Alpha Omega is the penultimate chapter in that story so the next DLC map, Aether, will be the last one. As is the case with every map, there is a long list of steps to be followed to discover the Easter Egg. In our Zombies Alpha Omega Easter Egg Guide, I’ll be doing my best to be succinct and clear about the instructions.

COD Black Ops 4 Zombies Alpha Omega Easter Egg

Continuing from where we left off in Blood of the Dead, you’re now deployed on the most famous map in the Black Ops series, the Nuketown which is now much bigger and there’s a whole lot to explore on the map.

It goes without saying, you are required to play the mode online in order to complete the Easter Egg.

Sergeant A.D.A.M AKA The Rushmore Computer

To trigger the start of the Easter Egg hunt, you’ll need to start up the Sergeant A.D.A.M Rushmore computer. However, before you can do so, you’ll need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine in the underground region of the beds.

You can do this by heading to the Generators and activating them by pushing the panel near the mannequin. Now take part in a mini-challenge that prompts you to fight off some zombies while you look for houses with nova gas leaks.

Head to each of these four houses and interact with the ventilators to clear the gas. Now the Pack-a-Punch machine will be fully-functioning.


Back to the Rushmore computer, you can find it on the first floor of Operations. You’ll be coming back to this computer as you find four numerical code, each of four digits, from around the map.

These can be found written on pieces of papers in the following spots:

  • Near the Toy Soldier in the Operations area.
  • Collect the key from Solitary and collect the Pernell code from the Yellow house.
  • Navigate to APB Interrogation room to collect Sawyer’s code.
  • Finally, McCain’s code can be found once you shoot at the sheet of papers in the ADP Control room.

First, purchase the Galvaknuckles from the truck bunker near the yellow bus in Cul-de-Sac and use these to kill a zombie in the Bunkers near the TV screen. It will then show you a list of five-digit codes comprising of 1 letter and 4 numerical.

Follow the sequence of the code and navigate to each of the house represented by the letter of each code.

For example, if you’re going for a code like, A1314, then you need to look for a house that has an “A” symbol on the mailbox. Inside, interact with the clock and input the time as 13:14. Do the same for the remaining three ones.

When inputting the last code, the clock won’t register the input but instead start winding and stop at a particular time. Note this code and input it back at, you guessed it, the Rushmore computer.

Now you’ll be prompted to lure and escort a red Nova 6 Crawler to the Transfusion Facility without letting it die. After doing so, return to Operations and interact with Rushmore.

Turning on the Power

Head to the Storage Room and activate A.D.A.M and release him. Now follow him to the hallway that lies between Green House Backyard and the Diner.

Now Marlton will grant you 115 Canister when you interact with a particular door here. Place this canister on the shelf in the Transfusion Facility and then head back to Rushmore in the Operations area.

You now have to take the Power Core from the Power House and place it in the empty slot over at the Operations room. You can do this by having an electric crawler charge an attack towards this core.

Deliver this core in time to the Operations. The best way to do it is via portals through the two places or through the Katana Sword that adds extra mobility. Place the Telepad Amplifiers on the Power House Telepad and the Site Entrance Telepad.

Immediately after, poison gas starts erupting from three certain wall paintings in the Bunker. These paintings are situated in the beds, lounge, and diner of the Bunker.

Knock them down by luring a Brain Rot zombie near it and shoot it down with a Pack-a-Punch weapon. Note down the four-digit codes for each of the three paintings and then rush back to input them into the Rushmore computer.

The power’s out now so head to the six power switches and interact with them in the right sequence.

You can find these at the Beds, Diner, Generator, Lounge, Solitary and Storage areas of the Bunker. Turn the switches such that all the lights turn green and the power is back on.

Boss Fight

Navigate around the map until your team comes across a blue glowing mannequin among the many others.

Once all members of your squad interact with it, a mini-challenge is triggered where you have to defend against a wave of zombies. At the end of it, a part of the mannequin breaks and you have to collect it.

Repeat it twice so at the end of the challenges, you’ll have two arms and the head of the mannequin. Place these parts on the broken chair in the APD Interrogation room.

Head back to Rushmore one final time to being your search for a blue Elemental Orb across the map. Once you’ve found it, escort it to the newly revived mannequin in the APD Interrogation room.

Interact with all the computers in this room and kill the surrounding mannequins to empty the soul canister. This will reveal a pyramid-shaped door of the APD and unleash the final boss, Avogadro.

As for the boss fight, it’s not particularly a hard one. Before you can fight Avogadro, avoid it and navigate the Bunker region to find empty canisters in the Beds, Storage, Diner and Lounge areas.

Interact with them to fill them with souls. Do note that all players will need to interact with a single canister and then move forward for the rest. Do your best to avoid Avogadro during this task.

Now you can unleash your offense at Avogadro so pressure it back towards the door in APD.

Once you’ve managed to push the boss into the door, the fight will conclude and your team can step inside the chamber to claim the reward, an Elemental Shard.

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