All Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Weapons Revealed So Far, Which One Will You Use?

We have made a list of all of the upcoming weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 revealed so far from assault rifles to rocket launchers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was revealed recently with lots of exciting new features including a brand new zombie mode and a battle royale mode but that’s not all for a Call Of Duty player, we know you are concerned about the weapons being included in the game well today, we are to going reveal what you can use to kill enemies later this year.

After the reveal on May 17, lots of streamers got their hands on the game and shared the whole experience they had with the game which was without a doubt really good according to them. So with the help of those streamers, we have made a list of weapons seen in the game.

The list of weapons we have seen so far is as follows:

Assault rifles

Assault rifle is the main key to winning a mid-sized or a long-range map which comes with medium recoil and attachments.


Yes, the name is similar to ICR or ACR from the previous Call Of Duty Games. ICR is fully automatic and precise.

Rampart 17

Rampart brings higher damage but slower rate of fire.


With High fire rate but controller recoil during fights.

Submachine guns

My personal favorite for close combat fights clearing rooms or tunnels whenever you are in rush for some quick kills.


Hard to control recoil, High fire rate, and medium damage.


Well rounded SMG which is easy to use and comes with different iron sights.

SAUG 9mm:

High fire rate but less damage and range.

Tactical rifles

This is a new category of weapons with different semi-automatic and burst-fire rifles.

Auger DMR

Does high damage and is semi-automatic with slow fire rate.


Did you like M16 in previous games? This is for you with a four round burst.

Light Machine Guns

Larger magazines and more damage for respawn modes.


Loads of ammo and high damage.

Sniper Rifles

Long range for hard scope or quick scopes. Both of these are one-shot killers so be aware.

Paladin HB50

Looks like .50 cal with slow aim and fire rate bringing extremely high damage.


Low damage with high fire rate.

Handguns And Secondary Weapons


Semi-auto pistol in case of emergency or for finishing off your enemies.

MOG 12

Pump action shotgun for with very short range and no accuracy.

Hellion Salvo

A big rocket launcher helpful in taking down UAVs or air support.

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