Black Ops 4 Tag der Toten Pack-a-Punch Guide – How to Activate Pack-a-Punch, Golden Pack-a-Punch

We have compiled a Tag der Toten Pack a Punch guide for you to complete all the challenges and get your hands on the cool new weapons

Pack-a-Punch is by far the most exciting and game-changing moment in the new Black Ops 4 Tag der Toten zombies DLC. It gives your weapon a cool outlook along with power beyond regular weapons.

There are essential steps to every Pack-a-Punch and Golden Pack-a-Punch which is the next level and to walk you through all the necessary step, we have crafted this guide.

Black Ops 4 Tag der Toten Pack-a-Punch

To get a Pack-a-Punch, you must follow the following step,

  1. Turn on the power. Do this by turning the power switches in the Dock and on the boat. The power switch in the dock is on the wooden bridge and the one on the boat is on the upper level just above the Gangway room.
  2. Then you have to collect the gear box that is on the walkway right of the boat power switch room placed beside the rail. Following that, you must collect a blue rock from the blue-tinted area between the beach and the lighthouse. The rock will be placed in inside rocks on either side of the pass-through. Just melee it and collect it.
  3. Next up, head to the top floor of the lighthouse to find the hermit above you. You will only be able to see his shadow and listen to his speech. He will ask you for the rock that you have to place on the ledge that drops down, followed by the gear box the next time it drops. He will fix the gear box and return it so you can collect it.
  4. Place the gear box back on the boat, right where you find it. This will turn on the lighthouse and its light will start pointing in the direction of the pack-a-punch. Get there and get your guns packed.

Golden Pack-a-Punch
Up next is Golden Pack-a-Punch

  1. For this, you need to get back on the boat and find the two zipline handles. These are round crank handles. You will find the first one in the stern, the back area of the boat either outside by the rail beside the yellow drum or inside the small stern room by the wooden box.
  2. The second one is towards the front of the ship where there is a sniper wall weapon. go across it and just beside the giant machine, you will find it. If it’s not there, head back the same way across the wall weapon and down the stairs on the right. Just there, look for it by the wall on the left just below the blow horn thing.
  3. Next up, you have to place these handles on the cranks. These are boxes on top of rods with a pivot protruding on one side. That is where you place the handles.
  4. One is on the main deck, from where you can see the lighthouse. The second one is on the second floor just beside the railing outside the power area.
  5. The cranks will cause the zipline above the ship to get taut. Now you need the zip line handle. For that, go back to the lighthouse and the hermit will lower down the handle. Collect it and get outside the hermit area to the zipline. This will take you to a new location. There you have to find the third power switch and turn it on.
  6. Having done all that, your Golden Pack-a-Punch is ready. All you have to do is get to the other gear box on the boat from where you can see the Golden Pack-a-Punch just across the water. Wait on the bounce pad until zombie steps on it and it will activate and get you there. Once on the island, you can get your Golden Pack-a-Punch weapon.

That is all for Pack-a-Punch and Golden Pack-a-Punch in the new Black Ops 4 DLC!

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