Players Have Found a Black Ops 4 Super Speed Glitch to Exploit

Black Ops 4 players have discovered a super speed glitch allows them to have an unfair advantage of the rest.

Unfortunately, in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players recently discovered a glitch that lets them get super speed. There is a very little chance to stop the individuals when an in-game exploit is discovered unless the developers of the game fix it.

This newly found glitch allows players to equip Skulker perk multiple times. While moving in crouched and prone position Skulker perk boosts up the normal speed. The Skulker perk can be equipped one time during the normal gameplay but this glitch lets you equip it three times.

This totally ruins the game for anyone playing against the people who are using this glitch to achieve super speed which makes it virtually impossible to hit them.

On the Black Ops 4 subreddit this issue is already been raised and talked about, users are claiming that it can only be achieved with the help of a teammate.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube explaining how you can activate this glitch in your version of the game.

The steps to follow for activating super speed are, joining a friend’s lobby, creating and setting up a class of 5-10 items with “no perks” then having the host switch set to custom game lobby and then going back to normal lobby while you hover over it and then select Skulker perk for each of the perk slots.


Although, you can follow the steps and activate this glitch I highly recommend not using it because it could result in a ban.
Developers of the Treyarch have not yet commented on this matter officially, but it seems the issue will be fixed in the next update of the game.

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