Black Ops 4 Blackout: All Vehicles List

Your available modes of transport.

Given the massive size of the Blackout mode map in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, vehicles play an important role in taking the player from point A to B. Not only are they a useful mode of transport, but they can also be used as offensive machines given their ability to fit cannons and turrets.

Although Blackout is not a mode with many vehicles, there are still some that you might need to use. Our guide will help you decide which one of them you should be prioritizing and how to best make use of them when in the heat of the battle royale.

Every vehicle you can find in Blackout Mode

You will need to find these vehicles as they are spread out all over the map. Once you find them, you will be able to use them provided that no one else gets to them before you.

One important fact to note is that whenever you are driving or inside a vehicle, you will be making a lot of noise and enemies will be able to hear you.

It is not that difficult to kill someone in a vehicle, so make sure that you can avoid enemies as much as possible whenever you are inside a vehicle.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to have some fun, and take a break from gunfights, feel free to cruise around the map and kill people by running them over.

Though cars do have a lot of health and are difficult to destroy make sure that you watch out for snipers, cluster grenades, and mesh mines as they can kill you very easily.


Almost everyone in the world is well aware of what an ATV is. In Black Ops 4 Blackout, it has good speed as well as good off-road abilities. The main problem with this vehicle is the fact that it provides no cover to the people inside.

If you are in an ATV, you can easily be shot and there is no roof, door, or window to protect you.

The ATV can hold a maximum of two people and should be used for making getaways as well as moving short distances. Apart from that, it is best practice to avoid it and not waste your time getting your head blown off.

Cargo Truck

The Cargo Truck can also fit four people. It cannot be used off-road that well and it does not have any speed that it can brag about either. As such, this is usually good for squads that want to store the loot for themselves and then use it late game.

The truck itself offers you a fair bit of protection and can be a decent way to move about on the roads.

With this truck, you must watch where you are going and are ready to get off and fight enemies if they come in your way.

You can use this truck to move long distances, but it is best if you scout the area around you occasionally when moving around in it.


The Motorbike offers the fastest possible transport that you can get on the ground. It’s pretty much the same as the ATV. It can hold up to 2 players at a time and is quick, but it also offers less defense compared to other vehicles.

Though the Motorbike is comparatively faster, it’s still less dangerous than the ATV. However, a sniper with a good aim or a full squad can easily put you down.

That said, it is still one of the best vehicles you can use to make a quick getaway, but luck plays a huge part as well.

Muscle Car

The muscle car is a standard sedan and a vehicle that players in Blackout mode commonly use. It can fit up to four people and has a decent speed to take you anywhere you want.

As for defense, the Muscle car is a convertible and gives you an option to take the hood down. We recommend keeping the car hood up to provide a bit of protection. It’s a bit more armored than the ATV and the Motorbike but falls short on it compared to the SUV.


The SWAT SUV is one of the best cars to use in the Black Ops 4 Blackout mode because it has enough capacity to hold a full squad and also offers you decent protection from other players.

It is a bit slow compared to the Muscle car, but it would serve you better if you are under heavy fire from players around you. If you are planning to travel long distances though, then you may want to prioritize speed and pick the Muscle Car.


In the Pursuit game mode, this vehicle comes with a Sensor Dart that, when the sirens are on, detects Muscle Cars operated by other players.


Alongside the SUV, the ARAV also takes its spot as one of the best ground vehicles in Blackout mode. It offers a decent amount of protection given its heavily armored body along with a mounted turret that gives you a huge offensive benefit.

It could be used for long distances since you wouldn’t have to worry about many enemies, but know that it can only accommodate three people at a time, not a full team.

Other than the driver, one person can mount the turret while the other provides cover fire.

HBT -1B Tank

The last ground vehicle on this list is the HBT-1B Tank. This is the best offensive vehicle that you can find on the map, which makes it a rare spawn. The large cannon at its front is enough to blast open any car you see or even an entire squad with a well-placed shot.

It’s also heavily armored, providing a lot of protection if you are ever under heavy fire. It is, however, very loud and slow, which makes it a trouble taking this hunk of metal long distances.

Light Helicopter

Only the Helicopter in Blackout can hold five players. Not only that, but you are also high up in the air and can travel faster than anything else.

The Light Helicopter does have its limitations though, as they can only function before a certain point in the game so the players cannot use them to survive until the end of the game.

The helicopter is by far the most well-protected vehicle in the game, and you are probably going to be able to use it in your push for victory.


Helicopters can be locked on with missiles, so you need to be ready to jump down if you hear the beep signifying someone locking on to you. Just stay vigilant and you should be able to survive a fair bit of the mid-game.

Attack Helicopter

The Attack Helicopter is a better alternative to the former vehicle. It provides the same purpose of transportation, but has additional mounted guns attached to it and can accommodate a maximum of 4 players.

This gives you an offensive advantage, and you can use them either to start fights with a squad below or to protect yourself from them if they pick one with you.

Once again, if someone targets you with a rocket, please don’t test your piloting skills out and bail at once.

Tactical Raft

This is a boat that serves as an excellent vehicle in Blackout. It has a capacity of four people and is the best way to move through the waters.

Once again, the main problem with this is the complete absence of any cover when you are inside this vehicle. You will be open to all enemies that spot you and chances are that any squad that spots you will obliterate you with you being unable to offer much in return.


The second water vehicle in this mode is the PBR. This boat is more heavily armored compared to the former and also has a mounted turret. This makes this boat decent not only in defense but also on offense.

It is, however, slower. Despite that though, the PBR is still the best vehicle to use in water given its combat potential.

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