Black Ops 4 Blackout Helicopter Locations

Rule the skies.

Helicopters are easily one of the best forms of transportation out of all vehicles in the Black Ops 4 Blackout mode. They are especially useful when the final circles are closing in because, at that time, your ground vehicles become increasingly risky to travel in.

This is because you have a high chance of running into other players and a difficult time maneuvering through the rough terrain. With the helicopter though, you are safe from all that – and can cover great distances quickly.

Since Helicopters are so important in this mode, there are only a few places they can spawn in. These are mainly helipads and large, clear areas, which are spread evenly across the map.

Moreover, since there is only a chance that you may find a helicopter in these areas, knowing all the helicopter spawn locations in BO4 Blackout mode becomes important. If you’re struggling to get one, then this guide should help you out.

The helicopter spawn locations in Blackout

In each new game that you start, the spawns of helicopters change randomly, and you may not find one where you did in the previous game. If you know all the locations they spawned in though, then you can easily make your way to the next location if you didn’t find any at the first.


Try to get to the locations quickly if you can so that other players can’t get to the helicopters before you.

That said, we’ve listed down all the possible helicopter spawn locations in Black Ops 4.

Nuketown Island

The first helipad is located on Nuketown Island. It’s at the edge of a worn-down street in the northwestern portion of the island.

Construction Site

On a helipad on top of a building to the northeast of the Construction Site. Since it’s on the roof, you either have to land on it or reach it via the elevator.

Cargo Docks

Cargo Docks is another potential location where the Helicopter can spawn. You will find the helipad at the southern corner of this location. It’s on a large grey helipad next to the cargo crates.


In the southernmost part of the map, there is a helipad on the edges of the Factory area. To be exact, the helipad is located at the southern corner of the Factory – to the rear of the main complex.


Players will find the helipad on the eastern side of the Estates where the helicopter can potentially spawn. This will be on the northernmost side of the map, on a big grey helipad.


The helipads are quite easy to find in the Turbine area as there isn’t much in it. This also makes it one of the most easily accessible helicopter locations in Black Ops 4 Blackout mode.

The first is located towards the north in an open area within a large hangar. The second is located on a grey helipad surrounded by a blue fence in the southern part of the area.

Firing Range

This is an interesting place for the Helicopter to spawn, as there are two possible locations in the Firing Range where the helicopter will spawn. One is the helipad that will be behind a large wooden fence.

The other is a flat, cleared area in the middle of the forest north of the Firing Range and east of the Construction site. This helicopter spawn is near a bunch of big boxes with a blue tarp on the ground next to them.


On the helipad on the front/eastern part of the Hijacked ship. It’s one of the quickest ways to escape from it as you avoid the water.


A helicopter spawns in an open area right outside a barn in the northwestern part of Rivertown – or southeast of the Firing Range.

Another helicopter spawn is located a little southwest of this location – in a fence-enclosed area.

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