BO3 Zombies: The Giant Perk Locations

Learn where to find all the perk machines.

There are a total of six Perk-a-Cola machines scattered throughout The Giant map in Black Ops 3. You can find and interact with them to get a powerful perk to make your stand against the zombies. To make matters more interesting, the perks are randomized every time you load the map. Hence, to get all of the perks, you need to check all of the machines.


You can get a cheeky 100 points by going prone in front of the perk machines. Free Points!

Something else to note is that five of the Perk-a-Cola machines are easy to spot. The sixth one though is hidden under a pile of snow. You need to complete an easter egg to melt the snow to get yourself the last, hidden perk in BO3 Zombies.

The first five machines will get you Quick Revive, Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Double Tap II Root Beer, and Mule Kick. The last one will have either Stamin-Up or Deadshot Daiquiri.

Where to find all Perk-a-Cola machines in The Giant?

Firstly, you need to turn on the power via the generators in the courtyard to power the Perk-a-Cola machines. After that, you can set about locating the perks.

Perk #1

Head left upon spawning towards the animal testing labs; go to the 1st floor and then turn left. The machine will be located at a small dead end.

Perk #2

Move out from the aforementioned dead end and into the corridor to climb another set of stairs; cross the catwalk and you will notice the 2nd perk machine on your right.

Perk #3

Head inside the corridor that lies beside the 2nd perk machine and then go down the staircase on your right. When you reach the lower floor, you will see a wall mount gun, turn left when this wall ends and you will notice the 3rd Pack-A-Punch machine.

Perk #4

The 4th machine is towards the right of the spawn; you will notice the Gobblegum machine in a corner; head straight on and you will come across the 4th Perk Machine.

Perk #5

This Perk-a-Cola machine can be found through the door next to the generators which you turn on at the start. It requires 1250 points to open. Head on inside and take the first right to find the machine.

Perk #6

This is the hidden perk machine in The Giant. It is located in the central courtyard area near the animal testing labs. It is hidden under a thick blanket of snow and you need to complete an Easter Egg to reveal its location.

How to get the hidden perk in The Giant

Firstly, you need to link the three Teleporters with the mainframe. Then you need to obtain three Cymbal Monkeys from the Mystery Boxes. Now, head to each Teleporter, throw a Cymbal Monkey inside it, and teleport.

Repeat this process for all the three Teleporters. You can check if you did the process correctly by checking the control panel next to the mainframe; it will turn green from red indicating the correct actions performed out of 3.

When the process is replicated successfully for the three Teleporters, a crackle of electricity will melt the snow hiding the hidden perk machine. You can now access and equip your hidden perks.

How many perks can you equip in total?

Unfortunately, you can’t equip all seven perks at once in The Giant. You will miss out on either Stamin-Up or Deadshot Daiquiri.

Initially, you can only have 4 perks equipped at a time but that number can be pushed to 6 by using specific Gobblegums or by using the Teleporter technique (albeit this can’t be used every round).

Mega Gobblegums like Unquenchable and Perkaholic allow you to get the 6 perks either at once or by giving you the ability to purchase them. On the House is another Gobblegum that allows you to spawn a free perk.

The other way is to first equip the 4 perks using the machines and then go about connecting the Teleporters to the mainframe. This deploys a random perk bottle in front of the mainframe and allows you to exceed your limit from 4 to 5 perks.

You can count this as a free perk as well since connecting the Teleporters to the mainframe doesn’t require you to spend any points technically.

To equip the 6th perk, simply keep teleporting using the Teleporters until a perk deploys in front of the mainframe. Do note that this is a costly process and can’t be used in successive rounds.

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