Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Perks Locations Guide – How to Activate

Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Perks locations guide to help you find all Perks and activate them in the zombie mode map.

Black Ops 3 guide to find all perks within Shadows of Evil zombies map and how to activate them.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Perks Locations

Similar to zombies’ maps in previous Call of Duty installments, there are a number of perk machines scattered around the map. However, in Shadows of Evil, some perk machines rotate around the area while the others remain static.

Do understand that in case of rotating machines, the locations of the machines will always remain the same, but the perks may vary. There are a total of three of these rotating perks which continue to rotate.

However, if you come to the main area leading to Canal District, Waterfront District, and Footlight District; you’ll see a broken bottle outside the main gates giving you clue as to which perk is located inside.

Waterfront District Perk
After you reach the area, you need to turn into the beast and activate the power switch near the stairs to open up the path.


After this, go up the stairs and through the corridor to activate another power switch and use the machine. Once again, note that the actual perk may vary, but the location remains the same.

Footlight District Perk
This is very similar to the Waterfront District –- you need to change into the beast, activate the power switch near the stairs to make the stairs appear, head upstairs, and find the machine on the right side.

Canal District Perk
After you’re in the Canal District, you need to head towards the Canal Station by opening up all the gates leading to Zandi’s Smoke Lounge which is where the machine is located.

Once again, you need to turn into the beast to activate the machine and use it later.

Quick Revive
This machine is located inside the alleyway located on the right side of where you initially spawn –- pretty straightforward!

The machine is located in the second area right next to the large ice cream neon-sign. Activate the power switch using the beast and use the machine as human.

Mule Kick and Widow’s Wine
To find these machines, you need to head over to any district, turn yourself into the beast, and look for a breakable wall which should grant you access to the rift –- note that such structures exist in all districts.

Once you’ve located the rift, return to human form, access the rift and teleport to a new area. Once you’re in the new area, you need to turn into the beast once again to activate the power switches and access the machines.

However, do note that you will face some resistance inside the rift. Another important thing to note here is that you must have Widow’s Wine in order to find and use Pack-a-Punch machine.

This is all we have on perks machines locations in Shadows of Evil in Black Ops 3. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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