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Perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies are drinks with unique Power-ups that you can buy from the vending machines aptly named – Perk-a-Cola Machines.

Each of these perks gives you a specific advantage in your playthrough by altering certain aspects of the gameplay like accuracy, speed, and health buffs. Suffice to say, you will always be searching for them while gunning down zombies.

There are six standard perks in the Revelations map along with two secret perks. We will go over all of them below.

Quick Revive

Cost: 500 (Solo) or 1500 (Co-op)

This Perk allows you to revive faster as the name suggests, shortens the delay before regenerating health, and increases the regeneration rate. It can be grabbed directly from the spawn area. Simply turn around to find this Perk-a-Cola Machine in BO3 Zombies.


Cost: 2500

When things start to get tough in Black Ops 3 Zombies and all you need is some extra health to tank the damage from annoying zombies, juggernog is the Perk for you. It will increase your health from 100 to 250.

Head to the temple and activate the first of the x4 Corruption Engines for 500 points. After you are done, fend off the zombies for about 30 seconds and head inside the temple through the front door to find a portal. Once you are done with overriding the Corruption Engine, head to the portal and spend 500 points to warp to Nacht der Untoten.

After you are there, head over to the very top of the spiral stairs and find the Juggernog right in front of you. This takes about 2,500 points and increases the total number of revives from x3 to x5.

Speed Cola

Cost: 3000

This Revelations Perk cuts your reload time in half and lets you build barriers 60% faster. You can find it around the Power ritual area in the Verruckt region of the Revelations map in the room straight forward from the corruption engine.

Double Tap II

Cost: 2000

Getting this Perk will increase your rate of fire by 33% and double your bullet damage. This Perk can be found near the power generator to the right of the mystery box location on the Origins Side of the map.


Cost: 2000

Increase your sprint speed and duration while gaining a faster stamina regeneration in Revelations with this perk. You can find Stamin-Up Perk on Shangri-La Island. Head right from the spawn area and use the teleporter to get to Shangri-La.

Mule Kick

Cost: 4000

If two weapons are just not enough for you, this Perk will let you carry an additional primary weapon giving you 3 weapons in total.

To find Mule Kick, continue ahead from the area where you found Double Tap, head down to the mob of the Dead area, and open up a door to find this Perk.

Widow’s Wine

Cost: 4000
This BO3 Zombies Perk will Replace your standard grenade with a spiderweb that slows down enemies while increasing your melee damage.

Head up the stairs in the Shangri-La area and turn right from the pyramid. Open the door you will find the Perk machine in the projector room in the fragmented part of Kino der Toten.

Der Wunderfizz

Cost: 1500
If you are feeling lucky, take a gamble with this Perk-a-Cola machine that gives you a random Perk including the Perks not found on this map. There are four locations where you can find Der Wunderfizz machine in Revelations.

  • To the right of the lower door leading into Kino der Toten from Der Eisendrache.
  • In the hallway leading from the test tubes to the Jump Pad to Mob of the Dead in Verrückt.
  • In the trenches leading to Origins from the spawn room.
  • Atop the mound in Origins, across from a Mystery Box location.

Deadshot Daiquiri

Cost: 1500

Line up headshots like never before with this Perk that gives you an incredibly convenient aim assist. It will auto-aim your weapon for the enemies’ heads and increase the hip-fire accuracy by 35%, while also reducing the weapon recoil.

This is one of the bonus Perks that are not found on the map but can be obtained via the Der Wunderfizz machine, the Perkaholic, or On the House gobblegums.

Electric Cherry

Cost: 2000

Electric Cherry is another secret perk that many players are unaware of in Revelations. It shocks all enemies around you every time you reload. The electric shock will, furthermore, stun enemies for a few seconds. This allows you to not only counterattack but also escape the area if you want.

Like Deadshot Daiquiri, Electric Cherry Can only be obtained from the Der Wunderfizz machine or by getting a Perkaholic or On The House GobbleGum.

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