BO3 Zombies Revelations Easter Egg Guide

Take down the Shadow Man.

It should be no surprise that Revelations has a comprehensive (super) easter egg for you to complete just like the other maps. This one too requires you to go through multiple steps until you defeat the person responsible for the chaos.

It is a long, grueling journey, which is why we recommend bringing a friend along in co-op. That being said, you can complete the Black Ops 3 easter egg solo as well.


Completing the super easter egg unlocks the For the Good of All and A Better Tomorrow achievements.

So how many steps are we talking about here? We will be guiding you through a total of 17 different steps in your journey to complete the easter egg. We have broken down these steps to make the whole process as simple as possible.


The gateworms are required only for the super easter egg.

Step #1: Find the Gravestones

If you head to the graveyard, you should be to able to spot a total of x4 gravestones lying outside the map. You should be able to spot x2 from the right-hand side of Quick Revive and x2 from the left-hand side of the jump pad leading to Origins.

You need to hit each gravestone in the following order with a single projectile:

  • Right Gravestone, the Quick Revive One
  • Left Gravestone, the Origins One
  • Left Gravestone, the Quick Revive One
  • Right Gravestone, the Origins One

After you have done it, the gravestones should turn red and a background audio cue should start playing. It is also important to use one bullet per gravestone or the step will fail.


You must shoot the Gravestone in the order that reads Takeo, Richtofen, Tank Dempsey, and Nikolai.

Step #2: Activate the Corruption Engine

After spawning, you need to head to the front side of the temple to come across a ritual table. If you have 500 points, you should be able to activate the first of x4 Corruption Engines at the following locations:

  • Verruckt
  • Spawn Point
  • Der Eisendrache
  • Mob of the Dead

Once done, fend off the zombies for about 30 seconds and open up the temple entrance. From there, head inside the temple and interact with the portal.

You need to repeat the same process for all x4 Corruption Engines on the map. Successfully doing this should light all x4 green lights on the map diagram, turning the power on.

Step #3: Gather the Altar Pieces

There are three Summoning Altar Pieces that you need to find by taking the portal to the classic areas. Each of these has three different possible spawn locations, which are as follows:

Purple Gem
This one can be found inside the pyramid room of Der Eisendrache, in the room behind the stage in Kino, or inside the temple area of Shangri-La.

Once you are in Verruckt, head over to Speed Perk-a-Cola in the Asylum and find it there. The second location is on a wheelchair next to the Corruption Engine. The third location is also on a wheelchair but on the one next to the jump pad.

To find the last piece, head over to the cafeteria in Mob of the Dead and find it there. The second location is in Origins, near the Summoning Altar. The third location is on a table in a room next to the Kino jump pad.

Step #4: Summon the Keeper Protector

Once you have found all x3 Summoning Altar Pieces, you should be able to build a Summoning Altar. These are scattered all across the maps as circular plates but need the former three parts to be completed.

Once done, you are allowed to summon a Keeper Protector for 5,000 points which follows you around and offers revives.

When it comes to Summoning Altar locations, they include:

  • Zetsubou no Shima, Mob of the Dead
  • Temple Area, Shangri-La
  • Generator Backside, Origins

Step #5: Finding the Pack-a-Punch

In Revelations, there is no need to build the Pack-a-Punch machine. To find it, head over to Apothicon in Nacht der Untoten and try to hit the creature with electricity – obviously by interacting with the terminal.


You need to time the electricity sparks to successfully hit the Apothicon, so do it when it is close enough.

If you are successful, it should knock the creature unconscious, allowing you to reach his abdomen via the mouth. After you are inside, shoot down the yellow crystal to reveal the Pack-a-Punch.

Step #6: Upgrade the Apothicon Servant

The first thing that you need to do is to find the Apothicon Servant and then shoot a total of x5 blue crystals in the sky. The locations of these crystals are:

  • Der Eisendrache – Near the Ritual Area
  • Mob of the Dead – Near the Ritual Area
  • Nacht der Untoten – On the Left Side of Apothicon Creature
  • Verruckt – Near the Ritual Area, on the Right Side
  • Verruckt – Near the Jump Pad on the Upper Side

Once you are done with all x5 blue crystals, head over to Pack-a-Punch Machine and upgrade the Apothicon Servant.

Whether you want to complete the easter egg or not, the Apothicon Servant is an insane weapon to get in Revelations.

Step #7: Collect the Film/Audio Reels

After summoning the Keeper Protector, have it follow you to the jump pad – the area where the little rock spawns. You need to stand near the jump pad and wait for the Keeper Protector to start performing a ritual.

If it does not happen, move away from the area and try again. At this point, you need to protect the Keeper Protector from the zombies until it drops a Film/Audio Reel on the ground. Once done, take the Audio Reel to the Audio Player in the upper area of Nacht and listen to it.

To get the second Audio Reel, acquire Li’l Arnies from the Mystery Box. Once you have acquired it, head inside the Apothicon and find a total of x9 holes.

You need to throw each of the Li’l Arnies into separate holes – which spew green smoke – and get rid of Margwas. Repeat the entire process twice so that you have thrown a total of x9 Arnies into the holes.


We recommend bringing a team to collect the second Audio Reel because going Solo is very hard if you have less ammo.

Once you are done, head to the bridge above the acid pool and get the second Audio Reel. There is a third Audio Reel as well, but it requires a little bit of additional work which will be done after step 8.

Step #8: Find the Body Parts

This would perhaps be the most annoying step to complete the Revelations easter egg in BO3 Zombies. You need to head over to the locations mentioned below and shoot the stones to reveal the body parts and then suck them up using the upgraded Apothicon Servant.

The locations of these little stones are as follows:

  • Shangri-La – above the Stamin-Up machine
  • Verruckt – outside the map next to the Corruption Engine
  • Der Eisendrache – at the bottom of the wall-run wall.
  • Spawn – between the floating rocks next to the church
  • Origins – inside the fire next to the Keeper Protector terminal
  • Nacht der Untoten – under the ceiling beneath the red beam.

Step #9: Find the Third Audio Reel

Once you are done with the previous step, you need to head over to the upper floor of Nacht, near the Jug, and shoot the bones twice with the upgraded Apothicon Servant.


Shooting the bones once breaks them, revealing SOPHIA. Shooting at it the second time drops the Audio Reel.

After the third Audio Reel drops, take it to Origins to play it and then return to Nacht to find Sophia in her semi-transparent robotic form.

Step #10: Complete Sophia

To change Sophia into her complete form, you need to align each of the Corruption Engine turrets and aim the beam at one of the floating rocks in the sky. The rock that you need to target should be in a diamond shape and have a lighter color than the rest.


If you have aligned the beam correctly, you will be kicked off the turret. 

Do this for all four turrets to complete Sophia and move on to the next step in the Revelations easter egg.

Step #11: Reach Samantha’s House

To teleport to Samantha’s House, you need to head back to Nacht and see Sophia head towards the theater. From there, continue towards Kino and let Sophia recharge the teleporter.

Once done, take it to Samantha’s House and pick up the Kronium Book from her bedroom. After you have acquired the book, take it back to Kino and place it on the reading desk.

Step #12: Find the Egg

You can find the egg in one of the following locations:

  • Primis Statues Area in Der Eisendrache
  • Opposite KN-44 wallbuy in Origins
  • On the stairs of Shangri-La
  • Near the Jumping Pad leading to Shangri-La near Spawn Area
  • Near the Bowie Knife in Kino
  • Directly Above Speed-Cola in Verruckt

There are a lot of locations that the egg can spawn in, but the yellow color of it stands out and makes it easy to pick off. Lastly, you will need to repeat this step (along with steps 13 and 14) to get your hands on all four runes.

Step #13: Hatch the Worm

To charge the egg and hatch the Gateworm, you need to carry the egg inside the Apothicon and place it on one of the four pods. Once done, kill zombies in the nearby area to hatch the egg into a Gateworm – which automatically goes into your inventory.


You need to kill around 15 to 20 zombies to charge the egg up.

Step #14: Get the Rune of Creation

Once you have a Gateworm in your inventory, go to each of the main locations and walk in the direction of the sonar beep. Once it is at its loudest, dig up the rune from the ground.

With a rune at your disposal, head over to Kino Projector Area, and stand inside the glowing symbol on the floor. You need to repeat the process from step 12 a total of x4 times to get all x4 Runes of Creations.

Step #15: Find the Summoning Key

With all x4 Runes of Creation at your disposal, stand inside the large purple symbol inside Kino Projector Area and get teleported to another area.

Once you are inside the new area, head to the far opposite side to interact with a book there. After interacting with the book, try to remember the symbols in the exact order in which they appear. After you are done, head to the opposite side and wait for the symbols you saw earlier to appear.


You can write the symbols down or take pictures of them to make use of them later.

You need to interact with them in the exact order in which they appear inside the book. Do so successfully and you should trigger a fight with Margwas in different scenarios.

There will be four of them in total – fire, crazy place, purple, and anti-gravity – which will make things a bit challenging.

Once you are done, you should be able to receive the Summoning Key which falls from the sky.

Step #16 – Using the Summoning Key

Once you have the key at your disposal, take it to the locations mentioned below and throw the key at the following objects:

  • Kino – Large Chandelier
  • Nacht – Red Barrel between Spawn and Der Eisendrache
  • Der Eisendrache – Clock on the Opposite Side of the Corruption Engine
  • Verruckt – Water Fountain
  • Origins – Grave Stone at the Top of the Dig Site, behind the Tunnel to MOTD
  • Shangri-La – Pole with Blue Ball at the End, On top of the Stairs
  • Mob of the Dead – While standing at the base of the bridge away from Corruption Engine, throw the Key at the Poster inside the Cell

Once you are done, head back into the Boss Area where you interacted with the book.

Step #17: Final Boss Battle

The last step to complete the BO3 Zombies Revelations Easter Egg is a simple boss fight. Once you are in the boss room, place the Summoning Key at one of the Green Lights and charge it by killing zombies.

Once it is fully charged, throw it at Sophia so that she hits the Shadow Man – help her as well! Once the Shadow Man is inside the Apothicon’s mouth, interact with the book and complete the Easter Egg.

Once you complete the A Better Tomorrow quest AKA the Super Easter Egg, you will be rewarded with 1,000,000 XP with the Enigmatic Epilogue name. If the classic Easter Egg (For the Good of All) is completed, you will receive the Home Sweet Home calling card with 20,000 XP.

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