Black Ops 3: How to Do the “Under the Map Glitch” in Nacht Der Untoten

Take down hordes of zombies effortlessly with this Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 glitch”

Exploiting glitches has always been one of the most effective ways to lighten the load at the higher rounds in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies. With time, however, patches have been introduced that have fixed the glitches, with most of them being fixed till patch 1.33.

Despite all the patches, one glitch in Nacht der Untoten remains – the under-the-map glitch. This is the only glitch on this map that works to this day in 2024. Don’t get all excited though, because pulling off this glitch isn’t a piece of cake.

To make sure that you pull this glitch off perfectly, let us show you the ropes in detail.

Under-the-Map Glitch Explained in Nacht der Untoten

Before you start with this glitch, you must keep in mind that this glitch only works with two players or more. Also, do not clear the debris from the stairs leading to the main building’s top floor. The stairs are obstructed by a couch, which is necessary to carry out our main process.

With the important things out of the way, let’s get started with the actual Nacht der Untoten glitch in Black Ops 3. Firstly, the player doing the glitch must head to the Gobblegum machine and grab the “Near Death Experience” Gobblegum.

This perk is important since you will have to get downed without having anyone to revive you. Once the Gobblegum has been obtained, head over to the top floor and go prone in the corner right next to the couch.

Here, you need to have the zombies kill you, so make sure to lure enough zombies toward you whilst doing this glitch in BO3. Additionally, make sure that your teammate is standing next to you but isn’t attracting any zombies so he can revive you.

Now, when the zombies down you in the corner next to the couch, stay there and let them run over you. This will cause you to get pushed under the map, and the zombies won’t be able to reach you. Once that happens, all of the zombies that you have attracted will be collected in the corner.


This glitch may take a few different tries to pull off since the zombies don’t always push you under the map.

This makes it easier for your friend to pick off all of the zombies one by one from afar. An ideal place would be next to the sandbags just behind the staircase. This is denoted by the arrow in the picture below, while the glitch spot is denoted by the circle.

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