Black Ops 3: Meteor Locations In Kino Der Toten

Start blasting zombies with the raddest music playing in the background.

Kino der Toten is a popular map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 owing to its open and eerie atmosphere. One of the things that adds to this atmosphere is the presence of Meteor rocks scattered throughout the map.

Finding the Meteors is a small side quest/Easter Egg that the map offers. Although it isn’t necessary to complete and offers no overall gameplay advantage, it does unlock a secret Easter Egg song and information on how the zombies actually came to be.


You can find the Meteorites right as you start the game. You don’t even have to turn the power on.

If you’re interested in the lore and want to learn more about the zombies’ origins, you should set out to find the BO3 Meteorites in Kino der Toten.

Where to find the Meteorites in Kino der Toten?

There are three different Meteors scattered across the Kino der Toten map in Black Ops 3 Zombies. Finding them all unlocks a secret “115” song referring to element 115, which is the element responsible for waking the dead. You will only be able to interact with the meteors and play the song once in each match.


You need to hold square placing your crosshairs on the rock (in close vicinity). The Meteorites don’t have a button prompt, but you need to do this to complete the Easter Egg.

 The three Meteorite rocks can be found at the following locations:

Meteor #1

The first Kino der Toten Meteor can be found in a corner of the starting room in Black Ops 3. It’s on a pedestal covered by a dome, sitting in the corner on the right of the Help door, just under the stairs.

Meteor #2

The second Meteorite can also be found sitting on a pedestal, but this one is in the Dressing room. Just as you enter the Dressing room, look to your right and enter the small room behind the KN-44 wall-buy. You will find the pedestal in a small space between the two lockers on the left-hand side.

Meteor #3

The third Meteorite is located in a small room next to the MP4 wall-buy. It’s placed on a small shelf to the right of the room, right next to a zombie spawn window.

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