Black Ops 3: How to Unlock the “It’s a Trap” Trophy in Shi no Numa

The "It's a Trap" trophy/achievement requires players to kill zombies using all three traps in Shi no Numa. Here's how.

Every die-hard Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies player is always determined to get all trophies. If you’re one of them, you’ll find that the “It’s a Trap” trophy in Shi no Numa is a particularly challenging one.

Many have trouble figuring out how to unlock this trophy. It’s time to stop scratching your heads over it because we will give you all the details on how to get this trophy in Shi no Numa.

How to unlock the “It’s a Trap” Trophy in Shi no Numa BO3

You may have guessed by its title that this trophy has something to do with traps, but that’s not all to it. To get the “It’s a Trap” trophy, you have to kill a zombie with three different traps in the same round.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds though, since there is only one trap in each building which is quite expensive to activate.

The central building, i.e. the Main Hub has the Flogger trap near the trip mines, costing 750 points to activate. The other four buildings surrounding the central one each have an Electric trap, which costs 1,000 each to activate.


Although kills with the Flogger do count towards the “It’s a Trap trophy”, they do not count as trap kills overall.

It doesn’t matter which traps you use to kill the zombies as long as you kill three of them within the same round. That said, we would recommend stocking up on at least 2,750 or 3,000 Points before you start with this trophy in Shi no Numa.

Additionally, we also recommend that you approach this trophy with a plan. An ideal strategy would be to select the specific traps that you plan to use and open up the paths to each of those traps. Lastly, try to bring in a friend to help you by drawing most of the zombies toward him.

For example, if you spawn in the Comms Room, open up the path to the Flogger and then to the trap in the Fishing Hut after that. Once that’s done, collect 2,750 Points to activate the traps.

After that, start a new round and make your teammate draw in zombies. Lead a few of them away to the Electric trap in the Comms Room, then to the Flogger, and finally to the Electric trap in the Fishing Hut. Make sure that you do all of this in a single round.


If you need to unlock the “It’s a Trap” trophy solo, we recommend getting the Juggernog perk so you can run through the traps freely.

If you manage to pull this off correctly, you will be rewarded with the “It’s a Trap” achievement in Shi no Numa.

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