Black Ops 2 Zombies Bus Upgrades Parts Locations Guide

You will unlock Undead Man’s Party Bus achievement in Black Ops 2 when you completely upgrade your bus with all three possible additions in the Tranzit campaign. Let’s get straight down to business and find out all Black Ops 2 Zombies Bus Upgrades Parts Locations in Tranzit.

Black Ops 2 Zombies Bus Upgrades Parts Locations

Basically, to get this achievement you need to get three upgrade parts for the bus, which are hidden throughout the Tranzit maps. These three upgrade parts are: the grill, the roof hatch and the ladder. These items randomly spawn on four locations. These locations are given below.

Note. Before you upgrade the Black Ops 2 Zombies bus, you need to build a turbine. For that, you need to grab a mannequin from the central map, a wing of a toy plane from the nearby payphones and finally, a fan which is right behind the workbench. Place them all one by one on the workbench and you have created a turbine.

Bus Upgrade #1
This first attachment is a plow that you can put in front of the bus to prevent the zombies from entering through the windows. This upgrade is of great worth as it is one less area to protect.

Place the turbine you have created right next to the door to the right of the workbench. When the door is opened to the room, it will have inside the grill. You can attach this grill to the front of your bus. By doing this you will not allow the zombies to enter through the front window of your bus. Remember to keep the turbine with you.

Bus Upgrade #2
This second attachment is a hatch that takes you up on the roof of the bus. This process starts off when you jump and hold the “use” button.

After adding the first upgrade part, go all the way to the shed near the diner. Use the fan to get in. At this spot is the roof hatch. Take it back to the bus and get it into the bus. Go to the middle of the bus, look up and jump so you can attach the hatch to the roof. With this roof hatch attached, you can now jump up anytime from the bus to the rooftop.

Be sure to keep an eye on the zombies as they’ll try to enter through this hatch. They’ll either rip the top of the bus or jump down the ladder.

Bus Upgrade #3
After retrieving the second upgrade part, go to the Farm and head towards the back of the farm to another shed. Use the turbine to get in there. The third and final piece; the ladder is here. Go back to the bus and attach it to the back of your bus.

The ladder is attached near the left side of the bus. What makes this ladder different from the others is its position. This ladder is located outside therefore, you won’t have to be inside to use it. This ladder shows its value at the Power Plant since entry to the bus is not possible if you’re caught on the wrong side of it.

Be careful when climbing to the roof of the bus as you’ll find it hard to avoid objects such as signs or boards and if you somehow collide with these objects, then you’ll end up on the ground and you’ll have to walk your way towards the next bus stop.

Location For Missing Upgrade Part
Location. If one of these parts failed to show up on any of these locations, there is a 4th place you can check. The 4th spot is at the terminal. Go in through the bank vault area. Make a left and then right, follow the pavement to another locked door. Use the turbine to open that door and inside would be the final part if you do not have it already.

Once all three parts are attached to the bus you will unlock the “Undead Man’s Party Bus” achievement.

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