Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items Guide

Your survival centers around the workbench.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies hosts the ability to craft buildable items by finding their respective parts scattered across the map. Some of the parts can be found in their fixed locations and some may spawn randomly such as in the case of the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Air Cannon).

To craft the buildable items, players must first collect all the required parts and then make their way to the respective workbenches that craft the item. Do be vary of the fact that you can only holster one part at a time while crafting and getting knocked will cause them to drop.

Tranzit Parts Locations


Location: Bus depot
Parts: Mannequin, Fan, Dolly

The turbine is the very first buildable item that players can craft in the spawned area. The buildable item helps to open up locked doors and power traps or anything that requires electricity in the map Tranzit.

In certain areas of the map Tranzit such as the Diner, Farm, and Town, the turbine will become a necessity as it’ll help open up the electric doors as well as activate the perk machines. This will result in an easier flow of the map and allow access to the far-end areas during the first few starting rounds.

The parts for the Turbine can be found placed in the starting area of the Bus Depot where the fan will be placed on the chairs in the eastern corner of the diner next to the Turbine’s workbench. Simply press X to grab the part and then place it on the workbench.

The Mannequin will be placed on the neon sign, right in front of the seats where you found the fan and the Dolly will be present on the ground in the northern corner of the diner.

Grab all three parts and you’ll have the first of many buildable items in Back Ops 2 Zombies.


The Turbine will break after a few rounds. If that happens, simply return to the Turbine’s workbench in the Bus Depot and equip it again.

Zombie Shield

Location: Diner
Parts: Dolly, Car Door

The zombie shield is one of the best buildable items to craft in Black Ops 2 Zombies as it provides excellent defense against the horde of enemies coming your way and even lets you bash a few before it breaks.

To craft this buildable item, simply enter the Diner/gas station in the Tranzit and collect the dolly placed next to the kitchen cabinet.

Once the part is located, run out of the diner and go east into the desk area of the garage to place it on its workbench. The car door will be placed in the garage of the workshop next to the workbench. 


Location: Farm
Parts: Machine Gun, Ammo Pouch, Lawnmower

The turret is an excellent contender for being one of the best buildable items in Tranzit due to its sheer offensive crowd control. Simply position the crafted item in the area of interest and plant the turbine next to it to activate the turret and watch the zombies get obliterated to pieces.

To build the item, simply travel to the Farm and look for a lawnmower that can be found inside the main shed or the smaller shed right behind it. For the second item, it could be in two different areas around the house. The ammo pouch will be placed next to the workstation or in one of the rooms upstairs.

Once you’ve acquired both of the items, look for the machine gun placed outside of the house on the balcony.

Electric Trap

Location: Powerhouse
Parts: Battery, Rod, Base

The electric trap is a quite handy tool that can help players get out of sticky situations. To craft this item in Tranzit, head towards the Powerhouse and look for a rod placed by the windows up the stairs.

A battery can be found on top of the barrels next to the lower staircase and the Tesla Ball (base) behind the Tombstone Soda.


To run the electric trap, it is essential for the Turbine to power it. 

Thrustodyne Aeronautics (Jet Gun)

Location: Town
Parts: Jet Engine, Handle, Light, Wires

The Thrustodyne Aeronautic is a wonder weapon that annihilates a horde of zombies coming your way. The weapon functions in the form of an air cannon which has a pressure gauge on top of it. If the pressure has made it to the max, the weapon will break.

The wonder weapon is a bit tricky to get used to but once you get a taste of the power, there’s no going back.

To craft this weapon, you’ll be required to gather four parts scattered across different areas. The first part which is the Jet Engine, can be found on the corner section of the tunnel located between bus stop 1 and bus stop 2.

The second part is the battery located in the Powerhouse, in the same region where you found the battery for the Electric Trap.

For the wires, simply travel towards the woods situated between bus stops 3 and 4. Enter the woods area to spot a small cabin with a light turned on. Enter the cabin to get a hold of the wires. Lastly for the handles, travel to the World at War section of Tranzit to locate the buildable item part in Black Ops 2 Zombies.


You can gather the parts and re-build them from the items on the workbench. Only one member of your team can have an Air Cannon and it is required for the Easter Egg.

Power Switch

Location: Powerhouse
Parts: Power Box, Power Switch, Arm

The Power switch is an essential part of the Tranzit map in Black Ops 2 Zombies which can be found in the Powerhouse. To activate the power switch, look for a power box placed next to the main terminal at the entrance of the Powerhouse. The rest of the two items can be found placed on barrels inside the Powerhouse. 


Location: Green Run Town
Parts: Table, Battery, Head Piece

Travel underneath the Bank inside the Green Run Town to discover all three parts of the Pack A Punch machine in Zombies.

Navigation Table

Location: Under the radio tower in the cornfield
Parts: Table, NavCard, Radio, Meteor,

The navigation Table is one of the Easter Eggs that connects the three maps Tranzit, Buried, and Die Rise in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies. The main purpose of the Navigation Table is to join all three radio masts for the three maps and complete the story.

The first two buildable parts for the Navigation Table can be found in the area of Bus Depot. Open the door that costs 750 points and make a left turn to find a small hole in the floor. Approach the hole to find the Meteor. The second item is placed behind the Bus Depot building. From where you found the Meteor, walk towards the window at the very end to spot the NavCard placed on the ground.

The third buildable part can be found at either the Tunnel behind the Diner or in The Powerhouse building. To locate the table simply walk towards the end of the tunnel that leads to the dinner and find the buildable item dropped on the left wall.

If the table doesn’t spawn in the tunnel, take a trip back to the Powerhouse and head into the room below the power room to spot the table on the bridge.

To find the card reader, travel towards the farmhouse to find the buildable part smudged between the western wall and the refrigerator. If it doesn’t spawn there, travel into Town and look behind the dumpster next to the lava pit.

Finally, for the Radio, look inside the garage next to the diner where you will find one of the parts for the Zombie Shield. The Radio will be placed on top of the cardboard box in the garage. You’ll have to jump to make a prompt appear for acquiring it.

Alternatively, if the radio isn’t present in the garage, head on over to the Nacht Der Untoten building to find the Radio on top of the bookshelf in the eastern corner.

Die Rise Buildables

Trample Steam

Location: Spawn Area, SYU Room
Parts: Flag, Motor, Bladder, Screen

The Trample Steam is one of the unique weapons found in BO2 zombies that not only functions by throwing off zombies but also allows players to launch themselves from one building to another in Die Rise.

This buildable item requires four parts which can be found around the map of Die Rise in Black Ops 2 Zombies. Since Die Rise is a smaller map compared to the others, finding them can be quite easy.

To find the flag, simply look over at the leaning chair in the western section of the spawn area with the door that leads to the quick revive vending machine in the elevator. If the flag doesn’t seem to spawn there, head over the railing in front of the Quick Revive to acquire it.


Players cannot pick up all the parts at once. Each player must pick a part or if you’re playing solo attach one part at a time as picking up another will cause the previous one to drop.

The motor for the Trample Steam is also present on the top floor of the spawn area. Simply look over at the desk placed in the middle of the room to spot the buildable item. If it isn’t present there, buy the door that leads to the SYU room on the first floor. The part will be placed on the staircase.

Once the second item Is acquired, simply get off the staircase to find the red-colored part sitting underneath the staircase. If the part isn’t present there, go into the attached room in the spawn area and turn around to find the buildable part placed on the right side of the doorway.

For the last part, head on over to the spawn area and spot the part placed on the ground next to the workbench. If it isn’t near the bench simply head into the other room and look at the western section to find the buildable part on the wall.

Now all that’s left to do is visit the workbench and get a hold of the Trample Steam Die Rise in BO2 zombies.


Location: Power Station
Parts: Trigger, Bottle, Canister, Foot

The Sliquifier can be considered the wonder weapon in the game due to its immense power to melt zombies or walls. To craft the weapon, you’ll be required to get 4x parts. Each part of the Sliquifier has two possible locations.

To find the first part simply head on over to the Power Station and look next to the power switch to acquire the item. If it isn’t there, travel to the Sliquifier building station on the ground floor of the power station and look over the shelves to spot the item.

For the bottle, travel back to the power room and locate the item placed on the desk directly in front of the power switch. The second location for the bottle is next to the blocked staircase in the power room. The buildable part is placed on the small can in front of the blockade.

The canister is placed in the small alleyway in the room accessed by jumping down from the freight elevator. The item is camouflaged in blood so try walking in the center to access the buildable part. Or it can be next to the canister in the building station for the Sliquifier.

Unlike the rest of the parts for the Sliquifier, the foot always remains in one location. The foot will be smudged in between the TV and couch in the power switch area of the map.

What’s left to do is head on over to the ground floor of the power building and craft the buildable item on the Sliquifier workbench in Black Ops 2 zombies.

Buried Buildables


Location: General Store
Parts: Saw Blade, Housing, Handle, Gear

As the name implies, the head chopper is one of the buildable items in Black Ops 2 Zombies that literally chops off heads. To craft the item, you’ll be required to collect four parts found in different areas of the General Store

The first part is located in the main office areas, next to the shelves from the starting area of the map. The blade will be sitting on the barrel in the corner of the room. The housing for the Headchopper is located in one of the back offices of the main area.  

To find the handle for the weapon, walk towards the broken shelves in the main area. The part will be placed in the corner of the shelve. Try to stick to the walls for a prompt to appear as the part is quite well camouflaged.

The last part is very easy to find. Simply make your way to the counters in the main area to find the gear sitting on the countertop. All that’s left to do is travel to any of the workbenches and craft the weapon.

Subsurface Resonator

Location: General Store
Parts: Speaker, Disk, Frame, Base

The Subsurface Resonator is another one of the weapons that can be built on the map Buried in BO2 zombies. It serves as a machine turret obliterating anything coming in its way. All parts for the Subsurface Resonator can be found in the General Store building making it one of the easiest portable weapons to craft.

The Speaker for the buildable item can be found placed next to the weapons cache in the main area. The disk(funnel) can be spotted smudged between the two counters in the main area.  The part will be placed on the barrel and is easily spottable.

Right at the end of the first set of stairs leading to the second floor, look to your right to spot the frame. For the last part, simply travel to the backroom of the General Store on a wooden table.  

All that’s left is to prop up the workbench and begin the slaughter of the undead on the Buried map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

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