Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items Guide

Black Ops 2 Zombies mode supports the ability to build/craft different usable items. You will build these items by adding different parts needed at the workbench. Some of these parts required to build these items spawn randomly while some have set locations as we will explain in the Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items guide below.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Air Cannon) is one such item whose parts spawn at random spots on the map. You can only carry one part at a time, and you drop the part you are carrying when you are knocked down at that spot.

These workbenches you use to build these items are item-specific. They only accept parts of the items that can be built at that location and stay there until you have completed these items.

Once you have built an item, it can be repeatedly picked up by you and all members of your team from the workbench after they are destroyed, but Air Cannon (Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23) is an exception. You can also use these items to distract zombies because they will generally try to destroy these items.

You can only carry one item at a time. You will have to drop the previous item to pick up the next item from the workbench. Following are the items you can build in Black Ops 2 Zombies mode, followed by the parts required to build these items and their respective locations.

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Black Ops 2 Zombies Buildable Items


Map. Bus Depot
Parts. Mannequin, Fan, Dolly
Parts Location. Look for the Fan Blade on seats, Mannequin Torso leaning against sign and Doly near lockers.

You will find all these parts in the starting locations. You can build this item and use to open the door that requires power. You can use that door to go outside and this way; you will be saving $750 which otherwise had to spend on opening the door. You can use turbine to power the Electric Trap and Turret items as well as open the Pack a Punch room.

At the Diner, Farm and Town map; you will need a turbine to open different doors. Furthermore, you can use turbine to turn on all perk machines. Turning on the perk machine will allow you to buy the perk, but you will need to switch on the power to use it. If you switch off the power, your perks stop working. Turbine will break after a number of uses even when it isn’t attacked by zombies.

Zombie Shield
Map. Diner
Parts. Dolly, Car Door
Parts Location. You will find the Car Door in garage and Dolly in Diner.

You can use this shield to bash zombies. It has limited durability, and you don’t earn any points. It will break after a set number of uses, but it provides excellent defense, and you can use it to create a barrier. When you aren’t using it, zombie shield protects you from being hit by zombies from behind and surprisingly, this doesn’t affect its durability.

Map. Farm
Parts. RPD, Lawn Mower, Ammo Pouch
Parts Location. You will find the machine gun in house or at barn. Look for the Ammo Pouch in the living room or the kitchen of the house. Finally, you will find the Lawnmower around the sides of the house.

It’s an excellent offense weapon that can guard a point of interest or a pathway. You will need turbine to run it, and it will fire at zombies whenever they come within its range in front of it.

Electric Trap
Map. Power House
Parts. Battery, Rod, Base
Parts Location. You will find the rod by the windows up stairs from the bench. Batter on some barrels and Tesla Ball assembly (base) beside the Tombstone Soda.

Electric Trap requires a turbine to run, and it will cause zombies to attack it. Be careful around it; it can even knock you down.

Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Air Cannon)
Map. Town
Parts. Jet Engine, Handle, Light, Wires
Parts Location. You will find the Jet Engine in the tunnel between Bus Stop #1 and #2. Wires can be found in the same area as the Electric Trap parts. Look for the headlight in the cabin where Bowie Knife is; between Bus Stop #4 and #5. You will find the handle in World at War map section on the right stop of the road between Bus Stop #3 and #4.

Air Cannon as the name suggests blows wind on zombies has limited durability. It has a gauge on top of it, which shows how high the pressure is. It has 15 seconds of continuous fire power, but it doesn’t affect the Lightning Guy.

If you increase the pressure to max, it will explode in your hand, and parts will scatter nearby. To avoid that you can allow the pressure to return to zero, it will make you move slower when it is out. You can gather the parts and re-build it from the items on the workbench. Only one member of your team can have Air Cannon (Wonder Weapon), and it is required for the Easter Egg.

Power Switch
Parts. Power Box, Power Switch, Arm
Parts Location. You will find all these items in the Power House.

Pack A Punch
Parts. Table, Battery, Head Piece
Parts Location. You will find these items below the Bank inside the Green Run Town.

Navigational Table
Parts Location. It is part of the Easter Egg. You need table, NavCard, Card Reader, Radio and Meteor. Workbench Location – Under the radio tower with red blinking lights in the corn field.

You will find the Meteor and Nav Card at Bus Depot. The Meteor is in the hole in the wall at the Bus Depot. Pay $750 to open the door and immediately go left and look for it in the hole. You will need to crouch to pick it up. Nav Card is behind the Bus Depot. Again, take a left out of the door and walk to the window at the end of the Bus Depot. Walk along the side and look for the card on the ground.

You will find the table at the tunnel in one of the two locations. One is the walkway with M16 and other is the ‘S’ bend in the map. Walk around until you get a notification to press X. It’s on the left side of the tunnel if you head towards the dinner.

Alternatively, if the table doesn’t spawn in the tunnel, it will appear in the lower level of the room after the power room. On the ground, on the right side of the bridge you land on.

The Card Reader can be found in one of the locations. Either in the Town near the dumpster and box or at the farm house left of the refrigerator where a weapon can be stored on the wall.

Finally, Radio can be found at two locations. First is the garage at the diner, in the room with the car at the top of the file cabinet. You may have to jump to get this item. The other location is Nacht Der Untoten. Look for it towards the right of the building, on top of the bookshelf that was knocked over.

Die Rise

Trample Steam

The Trample Steam can throw zombies off of a building or simply launch players from one building to the other.

To make this thing you are going to have to find four parts scattered throughout the map. The parts are a flag, engine, square, chain-link board and bellows. Build these parts on a workbench alongside the blueprint. The bench can be located at the starting area near the B23R on the wall. You are going to need Quick Revive or Speed Cola Elevator to get to this side of the room.


Sliquifier is a buildable weapon found in Die Rise. To make it you are going to have to find four parts scattered across the second building. They are found around the sewing room. The pieces include a grip, a circular device, a mannequin foot, and a red propane tank. Assemble them on the workbench one floor below the sewing room.

The weapon can spray a purple liquid which will melt zombies on contact and allow the players and zombies to slide on it.

Mob of the Dead Buildables


You can build the Acidgat kid in the workbench found in the cafeteria. This will allow the players to turn their Blundergat into an Acidgat. There are three parts to be located; one of them can be found in the library, the other in Warden’s office and the final one in the Infirmary.

Zombie Shield

The workbench at the docks can be used to make a Zombie Shield similar to the one in Tranzit. You are going to have to find three parts. One can be found at the docks, the other at the generator room and the final part at the tunnels located down the docks.

Buried Buildables


The headchopper lives up to its name and will slice the heads of any zombies that are unlucky to come across it. You will have to find all of its 4 items found across the map. The items are a big blade, a crank, a wooden platform and a chain.

Subsurface Resonator

The Subsurface Resonator sends out a sonic wave that kills any zombies that are in front of it. You can use this item to unlock an achievement known as “Death From Below”. The items that are supposed to be found for this look like a table, a roulette wheel, a speaker and a generator.

Bus Parts Upgrades
Bus can receive three parts upgrades found scattered throughout the map. These are Plow, Roof Hatch and Ladder.

It attaches to the front and instantly kills zombies in front of the bus as it moves. This will prevent them from coming in front.

Roof Hatch
It gives you access to the roof of the bus from inside; however, there is only one roof hatch. It can also be used to access the rooftop of the Diner where electrified knuckles can be bought for #6,000. These knuckles replace your knife and do one-shot-kill until level 15.

It can be used to climb to the roof of the bus from the left side. It is very useful in certain locations where you cannot reach the doors on the right side of the bus.

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