Black Ops 2 – Nuketown: Where to Find the Teddy Bears

Find three teddy bears to solve the Nuketown musical Easter egg.

The Hardened Edition or “Care Package” of Black Ops 2 comes with an amazing zombies map called Nuketwon. Like many other maps, this map offers a couple of Easter eggs, one of which involves finding some teddy bears to play a song at the end.

The Musical Easter egg on the Nuketwon Zombies map tests your exploration skills, requiring you to scour different gameplay areas. Fret not, as this guide contains everything you should know to find and activate the three teddy bears for Black Ops 2: Nuketown song Easter egg.

Where to Find the Teddy Bears in Black Ops 2: Nuketown

As mentioned above, your task is to find and interact with three teddy bears at different map locations. Below is the precise in-game location for all the teddy bears in Nuketown.

Teddy Bear #1 – Yellow Bus

As soon as you start playing the map, you can spot a yellow bus at the spawn. Go near the bus and you will see the teddy bear lying on a bench, which can be accessed through the window.

Teddy Bear #2 – Blue House

For the second teddy bear, you need to go a few steps behind the yellow bus and enter the Blue House on the back.


As it’s the zombie mode, the blue house is destroyed and isn’t actually blue. Just remember it as a house behind the middle of the map and past the bus.

Go upstairs and then inside the room on the upper floor. The teddy bear will be chilling on top of the bed.

Teddy Bear #3 – Green House Backyard

The third and final teddy bear for the Nuketwon song Easter egg is near the Green House. You can spot it by going outside in the backyard of the house and looking in the gap at the edge of the fence.

How to play the Easter Egg Song in Nuketown

Upon finding a teddy bear, you can interact with it by pressing X on Xbox (or corresponding keys on other platforms). Once you hear a trigger sound, it will indicate that the activation is done. Do this for all teddy bears, and the game will finally play the Nuketown song for you.

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