Black Ops 2 – Nuketown: All Perks (& What They Do)

Perks (or Perk-a-Colas) are consumable items that give you special abilities in Nuketown. Here's what they do.

Nuketown is one of the most popular maps of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. With nuclear testing grounds and fast-paced action, the main emphasis of the map is close combat, which requires you to gather all the help you can get from various gameplay mechanics. That’s where perks come in.

Perks, aka Perk-A-Colas, are special abilities in Black Ops 2 that allow you to dominate enemies, do tasks faster, and survive through even the tougher game scenarios. You can access only four Per-A-Cola machines on this map, all of which spawn randomly in different rounds. Keep reading this guide to learn about all the perks and their functions in Nuketown.

All Perks in Black Ops 2: Nuketown

The four perks in Nuketown spawn at random locations in your gameplay. The machines crash land successively once you have eliminated enough (99) zombies, so the best strategy to get perks faster is by going on a killing spree from the start. Below is the cost of every perk and the detail of what it does in Nuketown.

1. Quick Revive

Quick Revive, or Revive Soda, is a quite famous perk known for its usefulness among Black Ops 2 players. It is the first perk that lands on your map (near spawn) after you have progressed enough in the game.

This perk costs 1500 to use and reduces the time you need to revive a teammate by 50%.

2. Jugger-Nog

When you are low on health and need immediate help to survive a tough situation, Jugger-Nog always comes to the rescue. This perk costs 2500 for each use and allows you to restore your health by a considerable amount.

With this perk, you can easily increase the damage needed to down your character in combat, meaning you can endure more number of hits from enemies.

3. Speed Cola

Speed Cola is another fan-favorite perk in Nuketown Zombies. After purchasing it for 3000 points, you can consume this Perk-A-Cola to increase your weapon-reloading speed significantly. More specifically, it allows you to reload weapons in half the time.


While Speed Cola provided increased speed to rebuild barriers faster in the original Black Ops, it has no such effect in Black Ops 2.

4. Double Tap Root Beer

Double Tap Root Beer is one of the most useful and interesting perks in Nuketwon. It increases the rate of fire for all of your weapons by 33%, allowing you to take down more enemies in less time. Keep in mind that it will also increase the recoil of said weapons.

On top of that, this Perk-A-Cola doubles the damage your weapons deal to enemies, by doubling every bullet fired. It does so in a virtual way, meaning you won’t lose two bullets and will see only one bullet hitting the target. Still, the enemy will be damaged as if two bullets were fired simultaneously.

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