Black Ops 2 Die Rise Mahjong Tiles Locations and Puzzle Solution

The story of our survivors continues in Black ops 2’s newest zombie map; Die Rise. To unlock the final step in the Easter Eggs for Maxis and Richtofen and the final step for the High Maintenance achievement you need to find and match a total of eight hidden mahjong tiles that are scattered throughout the level.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise Mahjong tiles can be difficult to find and even harder to match so we’ve compiled a guide to help you do just that.

There are eight tiles and eleven possible locations for them so you might run into a dud location as the tiles are placed randomly among the spots. There will be two tiles that are red, two green, two blue and two black, meaning the tiles are paired with each other according to color.

The kinds of tiles are as follows:

  • East Wind Tile
  • West Wind Tile
  • North Wind Tile
  • South Wind Tile
  • One Bamboo Tile
  • Two Bamboo Tile
  • Three Bamboo Tile
  • Four Bamboo Tile

Now you unlock the Easter egg by striking the four corners of the radio antenna on the top of the radio tower building with the Galvaknuckles in a certain order. The order can only be learned by finding the matching pairs of tiles.

Let me give you an example; suppose you find a blue East Wind tile and a Blue One Bamboo tile. Since they are both the same color, they are a matched pair and are related to each other.


One Bamboo/East Wind basically means that you need to strike the Eastern corner of the antenna with the Galvaknuckes first in the order. If you find a green pair of Four Bamboo/South Wind that means you need to hit the south corner of the antenna fourth in the order.

Without further ado let’s get into the possible locations of the tiles:

  • In the Spawn location there is a red desk to the right. There should be a tile on it.
    Clear the debris on the escalator near the spawn location and head down. The tile should be on the ground to the right just as the escalator ends.
  • Near the shopping area where you can get the SVU sniper rifle, go to the broken set of stairs (near the unlockable door) you will find a tile on one of the broken steps.
  • In the upside down building, as you leave the room with the mystery box look in the corridor for an orange couch, the tile is sitting on top of one of its four cushions.
  • Near the last location, when you drop down the nearby elevator shaft you will find a tile on the ground on one of the platforms you drop to near a hole in the wall. (this is somewhat near the location of the Galvaknuckles).
  • In the bottom of the upside down building (the floor with the Chinese architecture) go to the room with the red pillars. Right in the back look in the corner of the room to find a tile on the ground next to a red and brown pillar.
  • In the bottom floor of the Radio Tower building, near the AK-74u, search the rooms with cages in them nearby. You will find a tile on the shelves in one of them.
  • In the sewing/power room look on the desk of the sewing machine in the corner (near the windows) you will find another tile location.
  • Go one level down from the rooftop of the Radio Tower building and go to the kitchen room. There is a tile on the counter.
  • On the rooftop, get to the location where you can buy the Semtex Grenades, keep walking along the walkway/balcony to the other side of the building until you get to the end and the railing is broken in front of you. Drop down and enter the room to the left. The tile is found on a lawn chair right in front of you.
  • The last tile location is actually on the railing near the north corner of the radio antenna. This tile will always be there and you can use it to judge which is the north/south/east/west corner of the antenna.

That’s all of the locations. If you have any trouble finding the tiles or have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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