Black Ops 2 Buried Secret Song Easter Egg Teddy Bears Locations Guide

Just like the previous DLC for Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead, Black Ops 2 Buried also has a secret song Easter egg.

All you need to do is to find all three teddy bears in the map to hear a secret song. However, like always the teddy bears are too tough to be found; and that’s where this guide comes to your aid. We have compiled all the locations where you will be able to find all those teddies.

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Teddy Bear #1
Make your way through the passage in the cave and you will end up near a Quick Revive machine. Take a right from there and you will find your first teddy in a jet dark nook.

Teddy Bear #2
You will need 1250 points to get this teddy bear which is inside the candy shop. After opening the door to the candy shop, you will come across many empty barrels in front of you; one of them will be containing your next bear.

Teddy Bear #3
You will need mutant hillbilly’s assistance in order to find the third and final teddy bear as it is located in the haunted mansion. Make your way down into the room and you will get the final teddy in a corner, around a bookshelf.

Note: You will NOT get any screen prompt to press a button to interact with the teddies. Just aim at the teddy bear and press X/Square to activate it. Successfully activating all will play the song.

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