Bioware is Looking to Revive One of Its “Prestigious Franchises” for Next-Generation

Going by a recent job listing, Bioware is looking for a technical director to revive one of its prestigious game franchises.

Recently, Bioware posted a job listing that suggests that the video game developer is looking to revitalize one of their reputable game franchises for the modern era of gaming.

Bioware is searching for a Technical Director going by this job listing. It looks like the Canadian video game developer is looking to resurrect one of their game franchises. Here is the description of the job listing:

You will be the most senior engineering lead on the next major title in one of BioWare’s most prestigious franchises, and a contributing leader to BioWare studio strategy. You will partner with the other disciplines to build the technology and the programming team to deliver amazing player experiences.

This “Prestigious Franchise” could very well be referring to the Mass Effect game series. The final installment of the franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda came out in 2017. The fourth entry in the game series didn’t do so well as far as review scores go. However, Bioware and its fans hold the franchise in high regard.

Earlier this year, Bioware possibly teased a remastered Mass Effect trilogy. This new technical director may actually be required to work a remastered Mass Effect game. Though this could also be referring to Anthem; who knows? Anthem could already be a “prestigious franchise” for Bioware.

The Canadian developer recently confirmed that they would reboot Anthem. Even since its 2019 release, the game has suffered a rapid decline in player count. The title is Bioware’s lowest-rated game in history. This is due to the fact that the video game was littered with bugs and glitches.

On top of that, Bioware never really utilized the impressive world they built in the game to provide exciting missions and content. Soon after its release, fans realized that Anthem not only didn’t live up to the hype, it felt like a blatant cash grab.

Mass Effect seems to more of a prestigious franchise than Anthem. It is highly probable that this new job listing is in fact for another Mass Effect game. Only time will tell which game franchise Bioware will revive.