Did Bioware Tease A Remastered Mass Effect Trilogy?

BioWare may possibly be on the verge of announcing a remaster (or remake for that matter) of the critically acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy.

Earlier today, the developer took to Twitter to send out a cryptic tweet about the opening cutscene of the original Mass Effect installment. The clip also included the iconic soundtrack of the game as well as the official box art.

The teaser closely follows another one from last week where BioWare quoted Mass Effect 2 alongside an image of the SSV Normandy that was featured in all three installments of the trilogy. Picking up the breadcrumbs, it won’t be surprising to see BioWare return fairly soon to drop another hint by referencing Mass Effect 3.

Going even further back, BioWare was openly asking the community in November about what they wanted from a new Mass Effect installment. Michael Gamble, project director, and Casey Hudson, general manager, raked in a lot of feedback at the time as well as teasing that the Mass Effect universe still has a lot of untold stories.

Whether BioWare is working on a new entry in the franchise remains to be seen. A remastered trilogy though, looks to fare a better chance at this time. Dragon Age 4 has been reportedly set to launch before 2022. A new Mass Effect, if possible, will have to wait until then. Hence, the quickest option would be a re-release of the trilogy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was released in early 2017 to mediocre and mostly negative scores. There were so many issues with the game that was supposed to be the first installment of a new trilogy. The animations were dodgy. The facial expressions were comical. The dialogues were bland. The entire experience felt half-finished and a chore. BioWare ended up abandoning the game as well as post-release content plans, a decision taken by Electronic Arts.

The aftermath of Andromeda is also another reason why BioWare wouldn’t be jumping back into the franchise with a new installment so soon. The developer would perhaps be considering a remastered trilogy to redeem itself before going ahead with something new.

Saqib Mansoor is a managing editor at segmentnext.com who has halted regime changes, curbed demonic invasions, and averted at least one cosmic omnicide from the confines of his gaming chair.