Bioshock 4 Will Retain First Person Perspective

A recent job listing on Cloud Chamber's LinkedIn page has asked for a senior game designer with experience designing first person games.

Bioshock 4 will be retaining the series’ first person perspective, according to a recent job listing on LinkedIn from the game’s developer Cloud Chamber. The posting, which was made to advertise for a Senior Games Designer, also makes mention of first-person camera view experience being required for a qualified applicant.

We haven’t heard anything about a fourth Bioshock game other than various rumors and hints, so the Cloud Chamber job posting is the first real hint that it’s being worked on other than hearsay from other devs. However, we still know essentially nothing about it.

It’s been years since the last Bioshock game came out in the form of Bioshock Infinite, which released in 2013. Since then, Irrational Games, who developed Infinite, has closed its doors, and the game has since gone back to using a 2K studio, even if it’s not the same as the original two games.

But, if Cloud Chamber is looking for a senior games designer, then it’s likely that Bioshock 4 is at least now out of concept and planning stages and now on the way to actual development. Otherwise, why would they need an actual games designer now?

While we don’t know anything about the newest Bioshock game at present, there are a few givens that we likely know; it will likely be some kind of first-person shooter, with the player given special powers through some kind of drink or chemical, and will take place in a ruined city.

The fact that the game might now be ready to actually start development may also mean that we’ll be getting it at some point within the next few years, though exactly how far away we can’t really guess, since it’s likely Cloud Chamber will want to take it slow to make sure the game is good.

Bioshock 4 will be Cloud Chamber’s first game since it was established by 2K back in December, so hopefully they can start off on a good step if the new Bioshock game is good.

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