Looks Like BioShock 4 Releases In 2022 After All

The new BioShock 4 has not received an official release date but a recent announcement has pegged 2022 as a possible release window.

The new BioShock 4 has not received an official release date or even a release window for that matter, but a recent announcement has given credit to a prior leak which pegged a return to the franchise somewhere in 2022.

God of War was announced last night to be landing on Steam in January 2022. The announcement naturally blew everyone away but was not entirely surprising because God of War was one of the games mentioned to be releasing for PC when an internal Nvidia GeForce Now database was leaked last month.

The same leaked database mentioned BioShock 4 to be releasing somewhere in 2022. The release window might appear to be a bit too soon since the new installment was announced recently. However, reports have confirmed that the game entered full production in 2018, which would give developer Cloud Chamber around five years of development time for a triple-a release, and that count hence makes a 2022 release a bit more realistic.

Take note that BioShock 4 is not alone. There have also been musings that publisher 2K Games might be remastering the first two BioShock games as well as BioShock Infinite, at least based on a recent discovery that all three games are currently undergoing some sort of internal development on Steam.

BioShock 4 has been heavily rumored to be taking place in the city of London and hence, players will not be returning to either the underwater city of Rapture or the floating city of Columbia.

They will instead be following a narrative-driven storyline on the surface with a dialogue wheel similar to the likes of Fallout where each dialogue option impacts either the storyline or an active quest.

If Cloud Chamber is indeed eying a 2022 release window, expect the developer to start dropping reveals and footage in the coming months.

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