Biomutant Sundial Locations Guide

In this guide, we will take a look at the locations of all the sundials. We will guide you on how to get to each sundial one by one. We will discuss the paths and give you some tips on how you can find these sundials easily in this Biomutant Sundial Locations Guide.

Biomutant Sundial Locations

You can find a total of four Sundials throughout the world that you can solve. One thing to keep in mind while solving these puzzles is that you will have to wait until the sun is up. There’s no point in going for the Sundials at night as you won’t be able to solve the puzzles.

How to Solve Biomutant Sundial Puzles

It’s relatively easy to solve these puzzles. Once the sun is up, interact with said sundial, and you just have to line the shadow up with the sundial to solve the puzzle.

Zone 7 Sundial

The Zone 7 Sundial is probably the first one you’re going to solve. When you enter the zone, simply visit it during the day and when the sun is between the pillars, it will cast a shadow on the dial. Simply rotate the dial to match the shadow and thus solve the puzzle.

Doing so, will then make a light emerge which will mark a location on your map.

Go to the co-ordinates X: -159925, Y: -56719 near Sector 8E. Interacting with the Scribble Stone will reveal a hidden area. Clearing the Nono Nest will earn you good loot.

Zone 7G Sundial

Entering the 7G sundial zone, and solve the third Sundial by aligning the shadow yet again with the Sundial.

Start following the light which will mark a location on the map. Go to the location at X: -109893, Y: -140310 in Sector 7F. Interact with the Scribble Stone yet again to reveal a hidden area. Clear out the area to acquire more loot.

Zone 9F Sundial

In the Zone 9F Sundial towards the North, you will find the third Sundial on the map. Do the same as you did with the previous sundials and align the shadow with the dial to activate the dial.

Follow the light to go to the location marked on the map near Sector 9F X:-242140, Y: -146400. Interact with the Scribble Stone and clear the hidden area to get yourself more loot.

Zone 6K Sundial

The final Sundial is located in the East in Sector 6K. Head to the location to find the Sundial and solve it yet again by lining up the dial with the shadow itself.

Activating the dial will take you to the location X; -84640, y: -334001. Interact with the Scribble Stone and clear the hidden area to get loot.

Solving the final Sundial will complete the side-quest and you will receive experience as well as the loot that you’ve gathered from the caves.

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