Big News From Xbox Teased for March 1st

Major Nelson is teasing big news from Xbox for March 1, but what could it be? Will some recent rumours be confirmed? Or something even bigger?

There looks to be some big news from Xbox coming this Tuesday. This was big enough to hold up the “This Week On Xbox” show that happens weekly.

Major Nelson has revealed on Twitter, that there is no “This Week On Xbox” as it is being delayed until March 1:

Typically with this type of tease around the big news from Xbox, he doesn’t actually reveal what it could be. Looking down the list of replies to the Tweet though there are a few hints at what people are thinking.

Is it the Black Ops Backwards Compatibility confirmation? Is it the coming of Cortana? At this point we don’t know.

What is for sure is that holding up the “This Week on Xbox” until the beginning of the next month does hint at some kind of announcement. It could be just a hyping up ploy by Xbox’s Major Nelson to gain some excitement over a smaller announcement, but if so he has done the job well.

With the tease that it will be worth the wait, Xbox One fans will be waiting with anticipation to see what the show reveals. It’ll be sure to get plenty of views, so hopefully Xbox can deliver and give the fans something big, which they richly deserve for their dedication to Microsoft’s console.

What are your thoughts on the big news from Xbox? Let us know in the comments section below.

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