Beyond Two Souls PS4 Version Is a Reality, Claims French Website

According to a French website Gameblog, the popular PS3 title Beyond Two Souls is going to join The Last of Us and Journey on PlayStation 4.

Previously, there were some rumors that Quantic Dream’s famous title will be making its way to PS4 with improved visuals, but that news was not confirmed by any of the Sony’s officials.

A lot of users of PlayStation 4 did not own a PlayStation 3, which is why Sony is trying to cash in on the opportunity and trying to bring their best titles to the new gen console.

Not only they come with improved visuals but any other content that has been released for the game is also made available, making the offer even more attractive for the fans.

Gameblog also reports that the PS4 version of Beyond Two Souls will be called Director’s Cut and will include numerous deleted scenes from the game including the “baby stage.”

For now, we have to take the website’s word for it and after all these postings online, Sony may announce the game sooner rather than later.

Beyond Two Souls made its way to PS3 last year and got a mixed reception from the critics and fans as some people liked it because of its incredible visuals and gameplay, while some people bashed it for its uninteresting plot.

Would you like to see Quantic Dream’s title making its way to PS4?

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