Beyond Two Souls is Now Available on PS4, Weighs-in at 33GB

To fill in the gap that Uncharted 4 created for PS4 this holiday season, Sony decided to release Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and now we are seeing another remastered game release on PS4, Beyond Two Souls.

Created by Quantc Dream, Sony released the title a couple of years ago on playStation 3. The game has now made its way to the latest Sony hardware.

You can pick it up from PlayStation Store for $29.99. According to the listing on the store, the game will need 33GB on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

As expected, Beyond Two Souls will run at full 1080p on PlayStation 4 with enhanced visuals effects. On the other hand Beyond Two Souls features supernatural story elements and interactive style gameplay.

  • Test your problem-solving skills in the Advanced Experiments DLC missions.
  • Face a tougher challenge in Skilled Gamer mode.
  • Experience the story in chronological or cinematic order for the first time.
  • Play on your iOS or Android mobile device with exclusive Touch mode.

You can visit the PlayStation Store right now to pick up Beyond Two Souls.

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