Bethesda Seems to Be Bragging About Fallout 76; “Millions Are Playing It”

Fallout 76 is already getting bashed by the community due to its horrible optimization and as a cherry on top, Bethesda falsely advertised Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition which created the nylon bag controversy. Just when you though Bethesda couldn’t make things worse, it went on to brag about Fallout 76, at least it felt that way and rightfully so considering the circumstances. A bad launch followed by PR blunders is the story of Fallout 76 so far.

The developer shared a blog post where it thanked Fallout 76 community and claiming that “millions of you are playing the game, and playing it a lot.” This one sentence rubbed many the wrong way. It is understandable that Bethesda would like to remain positive during the whole situation but this is no way to talk about a game that sold over 80% less than Fallout 4.

It just comes off as dishonest and fake.

A huge thanks to all of you who have been playing Fallout 76 and embarking on this journey with us. Millions of you are playing the game, and playing it a lot. We love hearing your stories, sharing your photos, and fighting alongside you in the quest to rebuild Appalachia.

Furthermore, in the blog post-Bethesda admitted that there are many “frustrating issues” with Fallout 76. The studio promised changes and improvements to the game in the coming weeks and months. But why is Fallout 76 so bad? It boils down to one main issue, the outdated engine Bethesda Softworks is using. The Creation Engine, even with its improvements over the years, has its limitations.

While we can put a finger on the reason why Fallout 76 is so bad, we are still trying to make sense of why Bethesda would sell a nylon bag instead of canvas and create a controversy. The company is facing two class-action lawsuits, it’s a PR disaster that could have been avoided by letting people know about the supposed “material shortage.”

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