Bethesda Reveals Dishonored Gameplay To Be Longer Than 22 Hours

It will take you atleast 22 hours before you can beat Dishonored completely.

Dan Todd, Arkane studios level designer, confirmed on the Bethesda official forums that the upcoming game Dishonored will have a play through time of longer than 22 hours. While replying to a forum user he posted:

My ghost and no kills play through took 22 hours. That’s without exploring every nook and cranny, and knowing the solution to everything beforehand. It should take more thorough / inexperienced players a bit longer than that

Note that in Dishonored you can complete our objectives in various ways so that also adds to the replay -ability of the game and its longevity. More than 22 hours for an action game is a quite big figure in this day and age especially, don’t you think so?

Here is the link to the forum post.

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