Bethesda: We Don’t Think of a Project As a Franchise, Dishonored 3 is Irrelevant

Bethesda has discussed is video game development philosophy and strategy. They focus on one project at a time and aren't thinking about Dishonored 3.

Bethesda has discussed its video game development philosophy and strategy. The studio works hard on each game and avoids considering anything a franchise.

The studio’s focus is completely on its current projects rather than worrying about what they would do next, which makes Dishonored 3 and other franchise installments irrelevant.

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According to Bethesda’s VP of marketing Pete Hines, they focus on one project at a time and that goes for DLC as well.

I think we try pretty hard, and certainly my focus is always, that you can’t spend any time thinking about your game as a franchise. You have to focus on that one thing. Whether it’s DLC, Dishonored 3 or anything else is completely irrelevant when you’re making Dishonored 2, because if that game isn’t great and you don’t do everything as well as possible none of it is ever going to matter

He went on to say:

This comes up a lot, with people asking, ‘What are your plans for DLC?’ If we don’t do the game well nobody’s going to want any DLC, because we won’t have any players around to buy it. The focus is on making Dishonored 2, and then my team has to do a good job of talking about what these guys are doing so it sells well. Then we move on to what’s next

Dishonored 2 is right around the corner and is releasing on November 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It would be awhile before we see another installment and most probably The Elder Scrolls is what the studio will work on next.

Bethesda’s focus on one single game at a time shows in the quality of projects they put out. Meanwhile, other companies do the complete opposite. Ubisoft, for example, never works on a project if it does not intend to turn it into a franchise. Too much focus on the future often results in poor quality products from the company.

Source: Gamesindustry

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