Bethesda And Nintendo Have Future Plans, A Mainline Fallout On Nintendo Switch Perhaps?

Both Bethesda and Nintendo are brilliant at what they do with Bethesda’s Fallout and The Elder Scrolls being one of the most appreciated series among the gaming community and Nintendo’s console and since Nintendo Switch is one of the most sold consoles, it only stands to reason that we see them work together. The fans will be happy to know both the companies have clear intentions of working together.

In a recent interview, the executive producer of Bethesda Softworks, Todd Howard, has shed light on his relationship with Nintendo company, as well as shown interest on working together in future. What’s really interesting is the fact that he also shared his interest in bringing mainline Fallout on Nintendo Switch console.

He said:

Well, there’s definitely interest. It’s not something that we are exploring right now. We think Switch is a great platform – it was the first time we really worked closely with Nintendo on Skyrim – and really, really great experience and we’ll certainly be doing more things there in the future, but right now it’s not a mainline Fallout 4.

Bringing mainline Fallout to Switch is a bit of a long shot for now but based on how good the relations are between the two companies, it might just happen sometime soon.

Todd also said he was among the first people to whom Nintendo showed the Switch console before it actually rolled out. Furthermore, he also has a lot of appreciation for the Switch console. To him Switch is not just another regular handheld, he thinks that this console has a lot of potentials, that can explore new horizons.

I love it. When Nintendo came to us, we were one of the first people that they showed the Switch to. So I got to play it very, very early and immediately felt, ‘This is unique. It’s not just another handheld, it’s also a console.’ And it’s very uniquely Nintendo. I think a lot of people sort of associated Nintendo with the Wii or the Wii U… But Nintendo’s main audience was always on the Game Boy or the DS. And them saying, ‘We’re going to do a full console-handheld’.

Having said that, while Bethesda is making friends it also seems to be making enemies, recently the company has sued Warner Bros. over the similarities the mobile game Westworld bears to Fallout Shelter.


Not sure what will become of that, but let’s hope for the better.

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Source: gamereactor