Bethesda Aims For Longevity And Player Interest, Plethora of Fallout 76 Post Release Content Planned

Bethesda has a lot of Fallout 76 Post Content planned, so fans won't be getting over the game soon enough. Company aims for longetivity and player intrest.

We all are aware Bethesda has a lot of plans for their Fallout franchise, among which the longevity of this brand seems to be their prime focus, as well as keeping the interest of the players.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently shed light on a few things regarding the longevity of the Fallout 76. What we can assure you is that Bethesda has a lot of Fallout 76 post-release content planned, so fans won’t be getting over the game soon enough.

At the GameLab, Todd Howard spoke about the company’s post-launch plan regarding Fallout 76. He said fans can rest assured, Fallout 76 won’t remain the game which they will see at the launch.

He said Bethesda is very much dedicated on producing a lot of content for this title and that they will continue to roll out Fallout 76 post content for a long time. That said, a lot of fans are worried that this just might mean, the studio has abandoned the base game. To which he has also assured fans to not worry about the base game.

If everything works out perfectly with launch, which won’t be the case, we’ll be able to make a lot of content, but we know our priorities. It’s a big new thing for us

Keeping that into context, Howard also admitted that the studio is also scared about this new project Fallout 76. Will it be as successful as the company anticipates it to be?

We’re scared ,How well can we make this work? We look at some other big online games, and even the people who’ve done it a lot, there’s always problems. We’re not naive enough to think it’s going to be perfect.

This points to the fact that perhaps, Fallout 76 won’t be perfect at launch, which Howard also admits but he also assured fans that it will certainly be polished over time.

Hopefully, they will be able to add longitivity to the title, by providing a lot of a lot of Fallout 76 Post Content.

What are your thoughts about the game? Will it last long enough to see the light of fame and fortune? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: venturebeat