Best Armor Mods In Skyrim [Top 15]

Your armor in Skyrim should not only be protective, it should also look cool.

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a prime example of what a healthy modding community can do for a game. After more than 12 years, the game is still very active, and we see the modding community and fans achieving great feats together.

Today, we have a mod for almost everything in the game, including content, gameplay, and aesthetics. Bethesda even officially included some of the most popular Skyrim mods in the Anniversary Edition. When it comes to armor in Skyrim, there are a lot of mods that provide players with many options to choose from. But if you aren’t sure which Skyrim armor mods you should get, then we have a list of 15 of the best mods you can consider for the game.


While some of these mods will work on different platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch), you will have to make sure that the mod you are trying to install for Skyrim is supported by the platform you are playing the game on. Also, some of the mods are edition specific as well so make sure that you check that as well from mod’s page.

15. Bosmer Armor Pack

bosmer armor pack

The Bosmer Armor Pack contains five main sets with up to twenty nine armor pieces. All of the contents of this mod are lore-friendly. The armor pack also brings six weapon pieces. It works on all races and all gender specifications, including the petite ones allowing it to be a good universal mod. The mod also comes 6 different languages and doesn’t have dependencies on other mods. The mod is part for the legendary Immersive Armors mod however, not all items of this mod are included in Immersive Armors.

14. Battlemage Armor (Female)

battlemage armor mod

Battlemage armor is a female-only light armor mod. It fits all body types and can be customized with four different colors and enchantments. It can also be crafted and tempered, making it dynamic. Since it is essentially a magical robe that is not only practical but also gives the best mage look of a “Witch” this mod is a recommended choice for our list.

13. Medieval Armory

If you wish to give Skyrim a feel of our actual history, Medieval Armory is a go-to mod as it brings nineteen different armor sets from our history. This pack includes different nations and Knightly Orders as well – for instance, the Knights of the Templar Order uniforms and the Germanic uniforms with the colors of the Holy Roman Empire are some good examples. The mod is perfect to live out the past in a medieval fantasy.

12. Osare Culort

osare culort armor mod

Osare Culort is another female-only armor set on our list. It is also one of the coolest looking armor mods we have added. It comes with a few customization options like necklaces, tattoos for different locations, and goggles. The detail level of this armor mod is pretty high, and the steampunk style makes it stand out.

11. Cloaks of Skyrim

cloaks of skyrim armor mod

Cloaks of Skyrim brings about 100 new and different cloaks, which can also be enchanted. These cloaks are lore-friendly and can be worn by any race and sex models. These cloaks use slot 46, which allows users to wear the cloaks without having to switch any of the equipment. These cloaks can be crafted as well as looted.

10. Daedric Reaper Armor

daedric reaper armor mod

Reaper armor is more of an upgrade to the Daedric armor. This armor is lighter, has better stats, and overall, the re-skin looks amazing. It comes in both male and female versions with a small variety of hoods. Of course, equipping the hood is optional as well. It also has a faceless version to give off a creepy vibe. The female version of the armor has a lot of customization options.

9. Alfheim Knights

alfheim knights armor mod

The Alfheim Knight Armor suits are classic elven-style fantasy armors perfect for a game like the Elder Scrolls Skyrim. They have different looks for both male and female characters, just like the Daedric Reaper Armor. These armor sets can be crafted as well if you have the Elven Blacksmithing Perk. The weapons that come along in this pack look absolutely stunning, as they also have visual effects.

8. Witch of the Wild

witch of the wild armor mod

Witch of the Wild is a mage-style armor for female variants. It supports CBBE/UNP/UNPB/ADEC. It comes in a variety of styles and in two versions: the Light Armor and the Heavy Armor. The Light armor variant looks lighter, with simple clothing, whereas the Heavy armor has boots and gloves, which look like the claws of a griffin. Light armors lack these. Apart from that, within the styles, you can choose to either equip glowing tattoos or not, and it also comes with a few cloak designs. 

7. Hunting Grounds

hunting grounds armor mod

Hunting grounds armor mod is available for both male and female characters in Skyrim. It is available for CBBE and UNP, but it has no weight sliders. It also has two variants – the light and heavy armor. The heavy one has gold-plated gloves and boots. It has three head designs – the helmet, the hood, and its placement where the hood is down. For a dark and cold wintery region like Skyrim, this armor suits the place.

6. The Art of Magicka

the art of magicka armor mod

The Art of Magicka (shortened to AOM) adds tons of different designs, capes, colors, jewelry, and scrolls as well. It overhauls the entire crafting system as well and adds dyes to the mix. This also means there are two new crafting stations and two new merchants that specialize in selling the pack’s contents. While you wear the AOM armors – you will be rewarded for playing as mages only and will unlock the ability to craft more and stronger items where some of them can get really strong, so it has a sort of level progression system as well.

5. Perfect Legionnaire

perfect legionnaire armor mod

The Legionnaire armor mod is for those who have played Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – as this mod retextures the imperial armor and others like the one back in Morrowind. Usually, the retextures don’t look that great, but Perfect Legionnaire makes an exception and is thus added to this list.

4. Crimson Ranger

crimson ranger armor mod

Crimson Ranger mod is designed for rangers/archer class characters and can be used for both genders. The Crimson Ranger armor sets the feel for a perfect archer who never misses the shot, with its design inspired by Robin Hood just a little red. This armor is light and protective and comes with optional hood removal. Sadly, this armor won’t be receiving any updates, but it still makes it to one of our top lists.

3. Tera Armor Collection

tera armor collection armor mod

TERA armor collection was ported from the MMORPG called TERA. The armor sets have an incredible amount of detail and look amazing overall. This collection alone contains 64 armor pieces which there 28 light sets, 23 heavy sets, and 13 robes. It is suitable for all sexes and comes with a weight slider.

2. Raven Witch Armor And Apex Werewolf

raven witch armor and apex werewolf mod

The Raven Witch armor pack is another mage-class armor mod pack. It gives off a sinister Witch look. It comes with various customizations, like the Plague Doctor mask, giving it a perfect look for a witch straight out of fantasy like Macbeth. This mod pack supports 4k resolution as well, and thus the armor is highly detailed as well, making it more visually appealing.

1. Immersive Armors

immersive armor skyrim

Immersive Armors perhaps has the most endorsements and downloads. The armor packs are lore-friendly and seamlessly fit into the world. It adds up to 55 armor sets with over 60 variants, almost 400 shields, and more customizable items. The armor sets are quite balanced as well and do not break the game; rather, they enhance the experience. This is the perfect all-balanced experience-enhancing mod, and thus we place it on the top of our list.

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