Best Resident Evil 3 Mods To Install Right Now

The highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 3 is now available on all supported platforms and for PC in particular, available with a ton of mods.

The highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 3 is now available on all supported platforms and for PC in particular, available with a ton of mods.

Modders actually went right to work when the demo was released and with the full version now out, the modding workshop has gone into overdrive. The following are some handpicked mods that players might find interesting to install for Resident Evil 3. Do take caution that some mods might not work right and may possibly corrupt data files.

Get chased by Thomas, the Tank Engine

Consider having Thomas, the Tank Engine chase you around in Resident Evil 3 instead of Nemesis. The mod comes hardly surprising since Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 was also given the same treatment. Everyone’s favorite steam locomotive now comes with certain upgrades, courtesy of the Umbrella corporation. Download here.

Reshade the colors

Get some nifty shaders to make Resident Evil 3 a bit darker but with better contrast, colors and lighting effects. The mod also removes the blurry grains to make the graphics sharper. Download here.

Take fancy screenshots

Resident Evil 3 is without a photo mode for the time being but a mod out there solves the problem by giving you complete control over the camera movements and rotations. You can play around with resolution scalings, remove the HUD, and yes, also pause the scene before taking screenshots. Download here.

Activate god mode

For those interested in a fully tailored experience in entirety, know that a mod out there can help you tweak a plethora of gameplay-related settings. That includes increasing movement speed, removing weapon recoil, getting infinite ammo and health, swapping characters, going through walls, unlocking shops, making enemies weaker, and more. Download here.

Terminate the target for Skynet

With a custom crosshair and a crimson screen, you can become the Terminator while seeking Nemesis in Resident Evil 3. The mod basically replicates the classic Terminator vision from the movies. Hence, always be packing a sawed-off shotgun. Download here.

Escape the Silent Hill horrors

Another shader pack adjusts the lighting effects to show a dense fog from the classic Silent Hill games. The low visibility and ominous experience not only increase intensity but also make survival harder. Download here.

Swap buttons with PlayStation

Resident Evil 3 shows Xbox One controller buttons even if you’re playing with a DualShock 4 on PC. This little mod swaps those button prompts with those of PlayStation 4 for familiarity sakes. Download here.

Experience realistic lighting

There are several mods out there that improve the lighting of Resident Evil 3 by tweaking colors and global illumination. This one here is by far the best of the lot and enhances the overall visuals by ten folds. Consider it a must for anyone interested in modding the game. Download here.

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