Best Pokemon Go Great League Pokemon

This guide will give you some really handy suggestions on which Pokemon to use when battling in the newly released Great League of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Great League is a creative team battle that has become an overnight sensation since the release of the Go Battle League. In this Best Pokemon Go Great League Pokemon guide we have recommended the best teams to pick that will lead you to victory in the Great League.

Best Pokemon Go Great League Pokemon

When playing Pokemon GO PvP, you must have the knowledge about what Pokemon you choose for your team. One bad pick can cause great damage to the entire League.

Each Pokemon in Pokemon GO PvP belongs to a certain category such as Lead, Closer, Attacker and Defender.


Lead is a category where a Pokemon plays in an initial ruling position in a battle which enables it to push the opponent to its limit with good coverage and resistance.

This category consists of three Pokemon namely, Skarmory, Deoxys and Altaria.

Skarmory is a common Steel/Flying type Pokemon. This Pokemon is seen in the game regularly and if you’re a regular player then you must’ve caught a few of these by now.

Skarmory is a Pokemon made for the Great League having two major moves in its arsenal; a fast attack called Air Slash and a Charged move known as the Sky Attack which makes it superior to all types as this Steel type has a 100%-win rate against every Grass-type in the league.

This Pokemon may be vulnerable to Electricity and Fire type however, its flying move makes it the backbone of any tournament allowing it to be a unique and cost-effective choice.

This Psychic Type Pokemon plays a defensive role in the Lead category as its stats at lower levels are quite impressive.

Deoxys has a move-set containing two big moves; a fast counter and a charged move known as Psycho Boost or Rock Slide.

This Charged move is the best counter in the Open Great League Meta which makes it a must-have in trainer.

This Pokemon shows weaknesses towards Bug, Dark and especially the Ghost-types as they can really pressurize Deoxys and eventually end up with a counter.

But since Deoxys is a defensive type. It counters fighting, leading you towards a victory.

Altaria is a Dragon/Flying Type Inductee in the game and many of you may be familiar with this one because it’s the evolved version of a very common Pokemon called Swablu.

Altaria is the most recommended Lead in the entire Great League as any Dragon type is considered as the strongest Pokemon.

Altaria’s performance is impressive even at lower CPS and can take down anyone daring enough to cross paths with it. It uses a very fast and hard-hitting move, Dragon Breath along with a Sky Attack.

This Dragon/Flying type is weak against Ice (x2), Dragon, Rock, Fairy and Electric-types. However, apart from this, Altaria is vulnerable against any Pokemon that has a dedicated counter attack.


Closer is a category of Pokemon that doesn’t rely on shields so if you are out of protection then Closer is your type. Closer Pokemon have great stats and, as mentioned before, don’t depend on shields.

Closer Pokemons such as Azumarill, Venusaur, Umbreon, Lucario and Marowak (Alola).

Azumarill is a cute looking Water/Fairy type Pokemon. What makes this Pokemon special is its counter against Altaria. Azumarill’s Ice Beam can become an even stronger counter for Altaria if compared with other counter types.

Not only Altaria but other meta popular types such as Deoxys Defence, Alolan Marawak, and flying types can be affected by Azumarill.

The recommended moves executed by this cute little creature are Bubble (Fast) and Ice Beam (Charged). Also, its Play Rough move can take down many popular selections such as Sableye and Medicham.

But be careful when using this Pokemon as it is weak against Grass, Electric and Poison-types, which are the most common types that players choose.

Speaking of Grass-types, Venusaur is a well-known grass-type that can counter hard hitting opponents such as Azumarill and Whiscash.

It possesses moves like Vine Whip (Fast), Frenzy Plant (Community Day only) and Sludge Bomb (Charged).

Just keep in mind that if the Frenzy Plant is not available for your use then the other two attacks can be a good alternative for charged moves.

Frenzy Plant; the community exclusive move makes Venusaur the most favorite along with the most dangerous Grass-type Pokemon in the Great League meta.

Venusaur is without any doubt a killer machine when placed in the closer category due to its defensive stats.

Apart from its weaknesses towards Fire, Flying, Ice and Psychic-types, Venusaur is quite an impressive Grass/Poison type.

Umbreon is a Dark Type pokemon with an appearance resembling a black cat. Despite the size of this Pokemon, it can hit pretty hard as a Closer.

It doesn’t have many counter attacks, mostly countering the likes of Deoxys (Defense form), Altaria and  Skarmory, but its fighting ability makes up for it.

You don’t want to come near this Dark type when it executes the Last Resort, a community day exclusive move.

Umbreon is weak against Fighting, Bug and Fairy. But still it has a deadly ability called Synchronize, which spreads poison to the anyone coming in contact resulting in paralysis, or burning to the Pokemon.

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type, monster of a Pokemon. Since its Steel typing makes it superior to many opponents.

The most dangerous thing this Pokemon does is concentrating its mental energy and firing mysterious waves known as auras that can crush anyone or anything.

Other than auras, Lucario possesses a second charge move called the Shadow Ball.

Why Lucario is considered as a threat when being weak against Fighting, Ground and Fire types? It’s because this Pokemon can take out almost every type such as Poison, Rock, Bug, Dark, Normal, Steel, Grass, Ice and Dragon.

Alolan Marowak
Alolan Marowak is the most popular Fire/Ghost type Pokemon in the Great League, mostly used against Hariyama and Deoxys Defence.

By using Hex and Shadow Ball, this Pokemon can take out grass and steel types within seconds.

However, this Pokemon is weak against many types such as Water, Ghost, Ground, Dark and Rock.

It performs Fire Spin and Shadow Ball with great coverage for dealing neutral damage. Also, when using Alolan, you must use the second charge move, Bone Club.

Bone Club is a Ground type move that causes the opponent to deal 40 damage which makes Alolan superior to Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire and Electric Pokemon.

Attacker Pokemon

An Attacker Pokemon destroys the shield of an opponent Pokemon once you’ve run out of protection. This class of Pokemon runs through any opponent having a strong defense.

The Attacker class of Pokemon consists of three Pokemons; Bastiodon, Medicham and Swampert.

Bastiodon is an evolutionary Rock/Steel type Pokemon. It evolves from Shieldon at level 30. Due to its massive size and a rhino-like appearance, Bastiodon is considered as the number one pick from the Attack class of Pokemon.

It has a shield-like cover on its face which allows it to take solid damage and still find a way to continue the battle.

It requires a lot of stardust to be in your team, but this investment doesn’t flop as it’s worth the effort.

Bastiodon is weak against Fighting, Ground and Water types, however it can take out almost every Pokemon that belongs to types such as Poison, Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Fairy.

Medicham is a Fighting/Psychic Type Pokemon. This Pokemon possesses the sixth sense due to the power of meditation.

Don’t get fooled by the appearance as it can strike as hard as a rock due to its fighting ability; Fire/Ice/Thunder Punch a deadly combination of moves in its arsenal.

Meditation makes this Pokemon superior to some all-time favorite Great League Pokemons such as Zwelious, Bastiodon, Lucario, etc.

However, to beat Medicham, you’ll need to have a Pokemon having any of the types such as: Flying, Fairy or Ghost.

Swampert is a third generation Pokemon, evolving from Mudkip to Marshtomp and eventually transforming into Swampert at level 36.

Swampert is by far the most dangerous Attacker of all time as it is only weak against grass types such as Venasaur. But it can take down the likes of Electric, Steel, Fire, Poison and Rock-types.

This Pokemon can predict storms with its fins which hear different sounds of waves and winds and alerts it once a storm is approaching.

It uses its Hydro Cannon which can easily lead you to a victory in the battle as it’s the best move in the Great League. It enables this Pokemon to bait shields, access to Earthquake and cause massive damage to the opponent.


Defender is the class of Pokemon that don’t rely on shields. They act like a force field as they absorb damage and help you when your opponent is out of protection.

The category of Defenders has Pokemon such as Lanturn, Forretress, Vigoroth and Registeel.

Lanturn is a Water/Electric type fish Pokemon and arguably the best Water type pick in the Great League. This Pokemon contains a bacteria within its antennae which absorbs its bodily fluids resulting in the production of a luminescent effect.

Since it’s a defender, it can dodge several moves coming its way due to the quickness in its moves. It may take 20+ water guns to charge a charge move but the resulting spam of water guns can get a Hydro Pump/Thunderbolt adding a large advantage to your team.

Lanturn is weak against Ground and grass types but superior to Steel, Fire, Water, Ice and Flying types making it a versatile pick in the Great League.

Forretress is a Bug/Steel type Pokemon that fires fragments of its steel shell once something tries to attack it. This Pokemon can give a tough competition to Venasaur and Deoxys Defense.

The most memorable move this Pokemon executes is the Heavy Slam. This move confuses the opponent in thinking that Forretress is using Earthquake.

The best pairing for Forretress is with Azumarill, Whiscash or Quagsire since it is weak towards a Fire-type Pokemon. But that can be overshadowed with it being superior to Poison, Grass, Normal, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Fairy Type Pokemon.

Vigoroth is the second evolution of Slakoth. This Pokemon is known to be spammy and can be a deadly counter for Bastiodon and Probopass.

The most amazing part of Vigoroth is its charge move, the Body Slam. Yes, The Body Slam! This is a text book wrestling move that deals a lot of damage for a normal type move.

Vigoroth was once so powerful in the Silph Arena’s Jungle Cup that players wanted it to be banned. Vigoroth’s power is shown in the Great League as he is strong against ghost type Pokemon and to be really honest, not most Pokemons are superior against a ghost type.

Registeel is a Steel Type Pokemon with an additional Lock on which makes it one of the best characters in the Great League.

Apart from the lock on, this Steel Type possesses a Flash Cannon and a Focus Blast. Meaning it can blast you in pieces if you come in contact with any of its hits.

This Pokemon shows weaknesses to Ground, Fire and Fighting types, such as Lucario, Machamp or Hitmontop. But is superior to Poison, Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Fairy type, making it the best Steel type in the game.

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