Best Hand Cannons In Destiny 2

Our Guide to Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 that will help you breeze through Destiny 2 Strikes, Leviathan Raid, and Crucible.

Destiny 2 Hand Cannons are all about scoring precision kills and dishing out incredible amounts of damage. With the new Curse of Osiris, DLC Hand Cannons are going to play a major role. Bungie’s Destiny is all about having the Best Destiny 2 Gear and Destiny 2 Weapons in order to emerge victoriously.

Players who like to dish out some serious damage and be effective in the short-to-mid range should definitely try out Hand Cannons in D2.

By simply playing through D2 Campaign, Strikes, and End-Game D2 Activities, you will amass a large number of Hand Cannons. However, not every Hand Cannon in D2 is quite similar. Each of these Destiny 2 Weapons has unique perks, firing animations, and other things that you should always keep in mind!

Destiny 2 Hand Cannons

This list cannot begin nor will it be complete without Sunshot, the ultimate Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. However, this was not an easy pick when we have Sturm but that hand cannon is only effective if you land precise shots. Firing Sunshot is a lateral blast because it makes things explode which makes is very effective in PvE and PvP.

The Old Fashioned
Do not go at the looks at this one as The Old Fashioned hand cannon is one of a kind of incredible stability. Seemingly, this hand cannon does not have much to offer but, once try it out and adjust to it, you will start seeing why Hand Cannon is one of the best.

Annual Skate
Players will not find a better Adaptive Energy Hand Cannon than Annual Skate. This Hand Cannon has a fantastic stability with the ability to choose your sight, which is a great addition.

Better Devils
Despite Better Devils being efficient in PvP, it does have its advantages in PvE. It is all-rounder Hand Cannon, which is perfectly balanced in every aspect. Furthermore, its explosive rounds dish out some serious damage.

Bad News
Bad News is a legendary hand cannon and it packs quite a punch with an incredible rate of fire, however, it has its shortcomings in stability department and high recoil, however, this will change with Curse of Osiris expansion, which will change the hand cannon animation, which will help with hand cannons that have low stability.

Shattered Peace
Destiny 2 players who want an incredible rate of fire in a hand cannon that also packs a punch should consider Destiny 2 Shattered Peace. This hand cannon has a higher rate of fire compared to regular hand cannons and has a decent handling, however, if you can manage to cope with its stability issue, it will prove to be an incredible weapon in your arsenal.

Well this weapon does not even exist for the official Vanguard policy but let’s this news not fool you as this weapon is an absolute beast. This is the best used hand cannon in mid ranged fights. Mounting this will turn you into an invincible in PvE and any kill with this powerhouse also heals the user and precision kills also refills the magazine. It will be obtained in any random drop from and exotic Engram.

Waking Vigil
This one is the year 2 iteration of the old year 1 gun called Dire Promise if you remember that one. It has an absolute insane RPM of 150 and it is right there in the sweet spot of hand cannons with fast shooting and best accuracy available. Also has a good perk roll. It is a random drop in Dreaming City.

This one is also dubbed as “The Poor Man’s Luna”. This one hits fast and bites hard, also having good perk roll and can destroy enemies. With an absolute insane RPM of 180, it also has a big ammo pool to back this fast shooting up. It also has sweet accuracy and predictable vertical recoil. It will be a random drop at the end of a Gambit game.

This gun looks sick and has some interesting perks to back that look up. It causes an explosion at every couple of consecutive shots and has lots of bullets to make sure that activity goes on. With 180 RPM and large magazine, you can get it by finishing the ‘City of Secrets’ quest.

Ace of Spades
It was passed down as a momento of late vanguard friend, very good at mid to long range with perks like Momento Mori and Firefly. It is a killer in both PvE and PvP. It has a very good range and can easily compete with even snipers and has 13 rounds. You can get this one by completing the quest ‘Caydes Will’ that can be obtained early in Forsaken campaign.

Luna’s Howl
Hard to get but absolutely worth the grind, this piece of beauty can shut down almost all the enemies and can land some spectacular multi-kills in PvP. It also works like a beast in PvE against bosses with its signature perk Magnificent Howl that rapidly lands two precision shots at the target and grants a period of bonus damage. You can get it by completing the quest ‘Shock and Denial’ offered by Lord Shaxx.

The Last Word
It is meant to be fired at quick succession from hip and is perfect for close combat. In PvE it will let your cow boy come out and play with this beauty and fry your enemies. This is an answer to the shotgun meta with whopping 225 rounds per minute. Get this by completing the The last word questline “The Draw”.

Not Forgotten
This is hands down the best and perfect hand cannon of the game, period. You can call it Luna’s Howl’s big bad brother, having same signature perks like Zen Moment and Magnificent Howl with an increase in Range stat. It can be earned by the quest “Keepsake” offered by Lord Shaxx when you complete Luna’s Howl questline.

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