Could This be the Beginning of Wii U Homebrew Scene by ‘Wii U Hax’?

A group of people have revealed that they have found an exploit that could grant access to the Wii U homebrew scene.

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There hasn’t really been much of a progress in the Wii U homebrew since the console was released. This has been due to the tougher system integrity measures taken by Nintendo after the DS and Wii faced never ending piracy. Nevertheless, a group of hackers might have finally found their way around it.

Wii U Hax, a group of hackers recently revealed that they have discovered an exploit that will grant access to the hardware of the console. Posting on their website, one of the group members has shared the hashes of his Bootrom.bin saying:

It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for the Wii U scene. I Can exclusively reveal that the first step to a Wii U hack has been completed & tested & working. I have personally tested the exploit and it is 100% REAL.”

The hashes that he shared along with a screenshot from his PC are as follows:

sha-256 (B3DEDC6CA2C411F54F1BFEAC07D6F57DBB06D3CB7AB9A331CF5A7CBF2A50AF69)
sha1 (3D331B3165F9638C6CD6221702B2F736F7FCF931)
MD5 (388726887621220A888E9F22E6DB1788)

Previously, another hacking group named Failoverflow had managed to put in the first steps towards Wii U homebrew but never really shared their details with the public. Their reason was that public interest in the Wii U homebrew scene is very low.

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