Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs Gets Gameplay Trailer

Indie game Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs received its first gameplay trailer smack-dab in the middle of E3, so you may have missed out on it. We’ll post it here, along with the advice for indie developers to not launch promotional material during the biggest hype period of the year.

In the clip, we get a clearer look at the ray weaponry the isometric game uses when we first saw it during the game’s reveal. It works pretty much like we thought it would.

One particular ray is associated to one of four colors in a square on the bottom of the screen. It shoots a straightforward line that damages any enemies that pop up, like a bunch of insects.

What we didn’t see before is that there’s a power system associated with firing, which is further divided in several segments. This is probably used for certain skills and such.

Additionally, the gameplay trailer shows a second or two of alternate fighting mechanisms. Outside of the beam weapon, the character can also use melee attacks.

Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs will feature some boss fights. In this case, it’s a bigger flying critter than the tiny enemies of before.

There is also a puzzle element in the game, tied to the beam design. We get to see a bunch of circles that need to be aligned, in order to progress to the next location.

Bazalth: Don’t Trust The Signs is being made by Belgian developer Helium Games.

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