Bayonetta Devs Teasing a New Project, Bayonetta 3 Incoming?

bayonetta 2
Following the unprecedented success of Bayonetta 2, Platinum Games is already working on a new project, the developer announced in a recent interview.

In an extensive interview with around 150 developers, Japanese website 4Gamer discussed various projects in the making. The series’ producer Akiko Kuroda teased the development of something related to Bayonetta in 2015. A meek translation of Kuroda-san’ words reads:

I have started working on the next project, but it looks like the announcement will come later. In any case, I think that it would be nice if something Bayonetta-related was also developed in 2015, so please pay attention to the continuation of Bayonetta!

The game’s director Yusuke Hashimoto also confirmed it, but there is no clear confirmation whether the title being developed is the next Bayonetta or something else. All Mr. Hashimoto stated is that the project is being handled in the best way and he wants to play it as soon as possible.

One thing to consider here is that Platinum Games is already working on Xbox One exclusive hack and slash title dubbed Scalebound which is expected to launch sometime in 2015.

Additionally, the original Bayonetta released back in 2009 with its sequel releasing on Sep. 20, 2014. Too early to assume anything, but it’s highly unlikely that the next Bayonetta will launch anytime soon. What do you think?

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