Bayonetta 3 To Use In-House Engine Called “PlatinumEngine”

Recent interviews with the Platinum Games team suggest that Bayonetta 3 will run on an in-house engine called PlatinumEngine. The name of the engine is still unspecified and this is just a temporary title for the new engine.

The engine staff of Platinum Games along with the rest of the team were recently interviewed. They had something to say about a new PlatinumGames engine:

Our Research and Development Group finds the technical solutions we need to create thrilling next-generation action games. Now, they’re hard at work on the PlatinumEngine* a new in-house engine to drive all of our creations.

Though the statement doesn’t specify that this new engine will run Bayonetta 3, “all of our creations” should involve the upcoming action-adventure game. Wataru Ohmori, a game engine developer talked about the need to build an in-house engine. According to him, Platinum Games needed a new and improved game engine to make modern games efficiently:

We came to the frightening realization that if we don’t make our work more efficient, we’re simply not going to be able to keep making the games that we want to make as technology and expectations grow. Our new engine will help us make bigger, more expressive games than ever before, and with greater ease.

Ohmori stated that they had previously been using an in-house engine for developing action games. However, it became obsolete as modern games have many more details to depict graphics-wise. Platinum Games even tested external game engines but found them lacking.

The studio needed some special features in a game engine it needed them fast. To meet their game-developing needs, Platinum Games came up with the PlatinumEngine.

When it comes to Bayonetta 3, we don’t have much to go on. Platinum Games has reassured fans that the Bayonetta 3 development is going smoothly.

However, we have only gotten assurances from the Japanese video-game company.

Platinum Games announced that they were developing Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch during the 2017 Game Awards. They showed a minute-long teaser trailer for the game. Fast forward to today, and we don’t have any new gameplay footage or trailers for the game. Hopefully, Platinum Games comes out with the official release date of the game soon.