Bayonetta 3 Best Accessories To Get

In Bayonetta 3, Accessories are special items that you can equip to improve your magic power recovery, and Infernal Demon...

In Bayonetta 3, Accessories are special items that you can equip to improve your magic power recovery, and Infernal Demon attacks. They are Umbran Artifacts that players can either unlock or purchase.

The following guide will tell you everything you need to know about Accessories in Bayonetta 3 including how to acquire and equip them. We will also look at some of the best accessories in the game.

How to get accessories in Bayonetta 3

You can acquire accessories in two different ways. You can either purchase or unlock them.

Purchasing Accessories from Rodin
Once you unlock Rodin’s Gates of Hell shop, you’ll have the option to purchase accessories from there. Access the shop and open the Accessories tab, now look through all the options available for purchase.

Accessories from this shop can only be bought with Seeds. You’ll have more accessory items available once you progress further in the story.

Unlocking Accessories
A few extra Accessory items can be unlocked by simply progressing through the game. Firstly, open the Phenomenal Remnants, secret chapters.

You can unlock the hidden parallel chapter after you obtain three Umbran Tears of Blood from every chapter.

You can get numerous rewards from the Phenomenal Remnants, including the Pulley’s Butterfly accessory.

How to equip accessories

Accessories are equipped as earrings so you can equip two at once. To do so open the main menu and head to the Equipment Tab.

You can select your character’s Weapon Loadout here, including the two accessories that you want to equip.

Best accessories to unlock in Bayonetta 3

There is no set definition to determine the best accessories in Bayonetta 3. Some of them aid in combat, some enhance combos, some boost our invocation resistance, etc.

What we have considered the best accessories are those that provide the best defense and help acquire more rewards.

The following are some of the best accessories in Bayonetta 3

Desperate Look

Price: 30000 Gametes

Equipping this accessory will enrage enemy targets without interacting with them. Once you defeat the enraged enemies, they will drop Halos.

Eternal Testimony

Price: 40000 Gametes

Equipping this accessory will improve your magic power recovery rate once you completely exhaust it.

Bounty Mace

Price: 30000 Gametes

Orbs obtained by torture attacks are increased by 25%.

Reins of Domination

Price: 60000 Gametes

This accessory stops enemy attacks from enraging infernal demons.

Deadly Puppet

Price: 100000 Gametes

Repeatedly hitting the X and A buttons will initiate combo attacks to help defend you automatically. A penalty is inflicted on your combat results, at the Normal level.

Mahaa-Kalaa Moon

Price: 50000 Gametes

This accessory allows you to parry incoming attacks by flicking the Left Joystick in the attack’s direction. Correct timing will trigger Warlock Time.

Rabid Fang

Price:40000 Gametes

Attacks delivered during Wrath of the Mask are more powerful.

Light of Selene

Price: 40000 Gametes

Witch Time can be activated after you are inflicted damage.

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