Battlerite Raigon Guide

Battlerite Raigon Guide to help you learn all about playing as Raigon, Abilities, EX Abilities, Ultimate, and some General Tips and Strategies.

In this Battlerite Raigon Guide, we will guide you on how to play with Raigon. Battlerite is a team arena brawler in which you choose a hero and use its unique abilities to defeat your enemies along with your team.

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Battlerite Raigon Guide

Raigon is a melee hero and it a very good hero when it comes to dealing damage as well as taking it. Raigon features superior mobility, healing capabilities, and high-damage dealing moves. We have the perfect build for Raigon detailed for you.

For Space, you need to use Overflowing Power, which grants extra survivability when you attack. For parry, use Riposte and for Q you can use Invigorate.

For E, Aerial Strike is your choice. Your final choice should be Dragon Mastery, which gives you two palm strikes. It also increases your damage a little.

Once you have set these options, it will give you great damage dealing along with great survivability with great damage dealing. Raigon is great at applying pressure as well relieving it. He is great at healing as well as parry, which gives him an added edge over both melee and ranged heroes.


Your main strategy most of the times should be to apply pressure to your enemies by using your superior mobility. Start with using E and get closer to your enemies quickly.

This saves your space move and conserves your dodge or move ability. This can come in handy when countering moves.

You attack by mouse one and mouse two keys. Mouse two attack has three charges that can be used three times before it needs to be recharged.

Space is mostly used to dodge and catching up to far off enemies if your E is down. It also deals a fair amount of damage to your enemies.

You should always use parry move when you see someone charge a ranged attack because it gives you ample time to parry it. Your EX-ability is useful for splitting up enemies however you need to aim it right. If you miss it, you will lose a bar.

The Dragon Palm ability is also a great ability as you slam the enemy for 8 damage and inflict extra damage if they hit a wall. His ultimate ability deals a massive 20 initial damage and then continues to deal 84 damage over three seconds. It covers a large area and always takes away some sort of mobility away from the enemy.

Just make sure not to use Parry (Q) after leaping since this move is too predictable and can be avoided easily. Also, remember to hold three weapon charges to fill up the damage at the start of fight and don’t forget to trick the opponent upon a counter.

Suppose you pressed E and the opponent counters it, at this point all you have to do is cancel his ability. By doing this, you’ll deceive him on his counter.

Overall, Raigon is a great hero and it offers a little bit of everything. It can tackle a wide variety of situations and can also heal allies. He can also chase slippery enemies and can keep them in check by using its quick mobility moves.

Try to go in with a support and you will be able to perform a lot better as Raigon can take a lot of damage and teaming up with a support further makes it easier to take more damage.

The builds which cause the most damage have to be blade and ravager, health and armor, movement speed and snare from the dagger. These are by far the finest builds in Raigon’s arsenal.

A Suitable Duo
Raigon is a character having the knowledge of creating impressive DPS. He doesn’t do any favors for the team but teaming him up with Sirius makes one large damage. Raigon and Sirius, side by side as a duo can really become a nightmare for the opponents.

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